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October 20, 2020

Here at Barber Industries we stock an extensive range of grooming products. Many are barbershop only brands, which means you can not purchase the same products in the supermarket. Only the finest quality brands grace our shelves and there is none that carry quite the same influence, history and story as Proraso. Today we look at Proraso’s Single Blade Series which is a product line dedicated to professional barbers and designed to heighten the routine of the traditional shave and beard styling experience.

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Formulated with distinctive aromas, rich and consistent textures.

The Single Blade Series comes in three different fragrances of Wood and Spice, Azur Lime and Cypress & Vetyver. They are purposely formulated to allow a single blade to move easily as well as provide post-shave comfort and pleasingly effective beard treatments.

Shaving Cream

Protects, softens and prevents irritation. Studied to protect the skin from the action of the razor and to enable the smoothest of shaves. The alkaline pH of the soap encourages water to be absorbed by the beard, which instantly becomes soft and easy to cut.

After Shave Balm

Quick-absorbing formula that helps the skin to regain its hydrolipidic balance after shaving. The active hydrants and nutrients make the skin more elastic, smoother and softer, diminishing any tension, irritation or dryness. Apply the balm using light circular movements. Cologne can be used after the balm to strengthen the aroma.


Cologne is the signature finale of the shaving treatment and the perfume will stay with you long after you have left the barbershop or applied as part of your morning routine. Apply a few sprays onto the palm of your hand and tap it lightly on your face.


A rich, creamy beard cleanser with a purifying and conditioning action. The low-foaming plant surfactants clean the skin with an antiseptic action, gently removing impurities and dirt. The foam is soft and lasting to soften even the most bristly of beards.

Beard Balm

A balm is recommended in the first weeks of beard and moustache growth. It reduces the unpleasant feeling of itchiness, softening the beard and refreshing the skin.

Beard Oil

Oil for long, thick beards, keeping it soft, tamed and a joy to touch. Using macadamia nut and avocado oil, it softens and protects the beard from dryness and external factors. The oil also stimulates skin hydration, rebalancing the lipid content and making it soft and smooth.

Experience the goodness of the Proraso Single Blade Series when you visit us for next traditional shaving treatment. If you’d like to purchase the barbershop exclusive products for home use, check out the retail shelves and ask the staff if you have any questions.