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Mayfield, the birthplace of Australian heavy industry. A town built on the back of sweat, hard yakka and a rich heritage. The once blue collar heartland and home to 300 hectares of some of Australia’s heaviest industry. Now the fitting home to a Barber Industries Barbershop.

It has been over 20 years since the blast furnaces were switched off at the steelworks. The heavy smoke and orange haze has cleared and that once burnt sky has given way to a rejuvenation in the area with new opportunities and new beginnings. 

The completion of the $35million Mayfield East Village is a progressive development and a welcome change to the township and to the community. The centre is a great place to call home and our barbershop is located on the upper level. We are excited to be expanding the Barber Industries chain of barbershops and to be bringing the Barber Industries experience into the heart of Mayfield and to seven locations across Newcastle and the surrounding region. 

We service men, woman and children, everyone is welcome. We are open seven days a week on the upper level. First cuts from 9.00am Monday to Friday, 8.30am on Saturdays and 9.30am on Sundays. Thursday nights we offer late night trade and are open until 7pm. We offer special rates for kids, students, seniors and pension card holders.

If you wan’t to find the best barbers in Newcastle, come see Fadi Hamadeh and the team at Shop T2b 77 Maitland Road, Mayfield NSW 2304.


  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
  • Christmas Day
  • Boxing Day
  • New Years Day


  • Mens Style Cut
  • Skin Fade
  • Kids & High School
  • Senior/ Pensioner
  • Crew Cut
  • Patterns
  • Beard Trim
  • Beard Line Up With Razor
  • Beard Trim & Line Up
  • Hot Towel Shave


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    Shop T2b, 77 Maitland Road,
    Mayfield NSW 2304
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Barbershop Blog


January 11, 2021
Our Barber Industries Concept Store is now open in the $35 million Mayfield East Village. The barbershop is located on the upper level near Coles and looks to be turning some heads. This month we have a quick Q&A with proprietor Fadi Hamadeh and get some insights into what the Mayfield crew is bringing to the scene.
Barber combing hairBarber styling hairBarber Fadi Hamadeh cutting hair
New year and a new Barbershop, exciting times huh? The Mayfield East Village is a big development here in Mayfield, surely a good thing to be a part of, how has the support from the the community been so far?

We have only just opened but yeah, the support has been amazing so far. There are lots of inquisitive shoppers who are coming into Coles and then they're excited to see the barbershop located so close and within the same centre. I’m getting a lot positive feedback and yes, it is really off to a great start, there’s plenty of good vibes about, I am really happy.

You are heading up the team here in Mayfield, how long have you been in the barbershop game? Can you tell us a little about the journey that brought you to where you are with this this amazing new barbershop here today?

Actually I have lived and worked as a Barber here in Newcastle for well over fifteen years and I used to own another barbershop on Beaumont Street Hamilton. After wrapping up there I worked as a consultant for the last few years and I became involved with the Barber Industries Brand through the existing outlets in the region. When the opportunity arose to open a new barbershop in Mayfield, the decision was really quite easy. I am already so well connected to the community here and I have a solid base of existing clients here in the area. It’s really special to be once again opening the doors to some familiar faces and exciting to be building new relationships every day.

Judging by the hustle bustle here this morning, it looks like ya’s have really hit the ground running. What is it that you and your team offer that makes this place so special?

Everything!! (Laughs), We offer the complete grooming service, it’s not just about getting a haircut here, there is much more to it than that. We offer cut throat and hot towel shaves, beard sculpting and we always finish the service with that little bit extra. We style the hair after cutting and use the best pomades, beard oils, balms and we also sell those products. There is a huge range of barbershop only brands and these are the best products on the market, we use them in the barbershop but they’re also available to our clients to purchase. Yeah, I do think that we have a real point of difference, the clients get on that level of satisfaction and then they don’t think twice about coming back. 

Traditionally Mayfield has always been one of those blue collar working class towns. Do you think that the Barber Industries Concept has a fitting home here? 

One hundred percent. What we offer is like the old school barbershop with a modern day twist. For example, we don’t take bookings, we don’t wan’t to go down that path as it changes the whole culture and leads to exorbitant pricing. Here it’s walk ins only, it’s those traditional methods that the men are used to and have stood the test of time. They come in grab a seat, sit back, relax and a take a moment in time for themselves. 

You know, Mayfield was built on hard work and heavy industry. Even though the steelworks is gone, it still holds a special place in the hearts of many around here, we wan’t to become important in the town like that, a place that the men here are proud to be a part of. We wan't to provide the community with something unique, an exceptional service and great value for money.