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Cessnock is more than just a gateway city to the Hunter's vineyards.  This is a city built on the back of coal mining, hard work, rugby league, good mates and knocking one off the wood at the pub. Once simply referred to as 'The Coalfields', Cessnock is blue collar country Australia. A town steeped in heritage and the fitting home to the culture and aesthetics of a Barber Industries Barbershop.

With the goal of bringing back the traditional barbershop vibe, Barber Industries Cessnock has been built around our concept that blends hair & beard treatments into a masculine haven for men of all ages. We offer classic and contemporary haircuts, beard sculpting, line ups and the best traditional wet shaves.

Everyone is welcome at Barber Industries Cessnock, we service all comers and are conveniently open seven days a week. First cuts are from 9.00am every day. Thursday nights we offer late night trade and are open until 7pm. We offer special rates for kids, students, seniors and pension card holders. No bookings required.

Come visit Ali and our team of Master Barbers, the crew is impeccably trained, skilled in their craft and are ready to deliver you the finest level of service. Find us directly opposite Woolworths at Shop 21 in The Lederer Cessnock.


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Barbershop Blog


June 20, 2023
Trends in men’s hairstyles change however Skin Fades remain at the backbone of our most requested haircuts. There is also still some confusion around the skin fade and the different styles that make up this family of haircuts. So in this article we will explain the characteristics of a skin fade haircut and describe the popular variations that are requested here at the barbershop.
Barber Doing High Skin Fade Hairstyle Barber Industries Cessnock VillageBarber Doing High Skin Fade Hairstyle Barber Industries Cessnock VillageBarber Doing High Skin Fade Hairstyle Barber Industries Cessnock VillageBarber Doing High Skin Fade Hairstyle Barber Industries Cessnock VillageBarber Doing High Skin Fade Hairstyle Barber Industries Cessnock Village

What Is A Skin Fade Haircut?

This is the first question that needs answering and much of the confusion simply stems from people using the terms taper and fade interchangeably. They are however two different things. Both are a gradual reduction in the length of the hair. A taper is a gradation between longer and shorter hair down to the hairline. A fade differs because it fades down to skin level and finishes above the natural hairline, what changes between the different fade hairstyles is how much skin shows and where.

High Skin Fade Hairstyle
High Skin Fade With Short Boxed Up Fringe

What Are The Different Types of Skin Fade Haircuts?

A skin fade is not a complete hairstyle in it’s own right, it is however a hair cutting technique that forms part of a an overall hairstyle. So, important to keep this in mind as we outline the different types of fades.

Low Skin Fade

A low skin fade shows roughly an inch or less of skin above the natural hairline. The fade drops down behind the ears and around the back of the head, keeping an inch of skin shown relatively even all the way around.

Low Skin Fade Hairstyle With Swept Back Top
Low Skin Fade With Swept Back Top

Mid Skin Fade

With a mid fade the skin runs higher up on the head, starting from around the brow, it again drops down behind the ears and behind the back of the head, but dropping only a little at the back.

Mid Skin Fade Or Drop Fade men's Hairstyle
Mid Skin Fade With Side Swept Top

High Skin Fade

A high skin fade leaves a lot of exposed skin, starting up around the top of the forehead at the front and almost reaching the crown of the head at the back. The fade runs evenly around the head and doesn’t appear to drop at the back.

High Skin Fade With Textured Crop Top

Drop Fade

This another popular term used to describe some fades. Both a low skin fade and a mid skin fade are drop fades, as the fade drops down at the back of the head. A high skin fade is not a drop fade as there is no drop down towards the nape of the neck.

Men's Mid Drop Fade Hairtstyle
Mid Drop Fade AKA Mid Skin Fade

Taper Fade

Here you have a taper of the hair down to the hairline and a fade to skin evident only at the temples and the nape of the neck. The amount of skin shown varies from low, medium to high. In all variations of this hairstyle the hairline remains behind the ear.

The term ‘taper fade’ is not used universally and the terminology can vary somewhat geographically and depending on who you talk to. Other popular terminology such as temple fade, Brooklyn fade and blowout fade are all types of taper fades.
Low Taper Fade With Blowout Top
Low Taper Fade With Blowout Top AKA Brooklyn Fade

Burst Fade

A standard burst fade is cut in a semicircle shape around the ear, the fade drops down behind the ear where it ends on the side of the neck, it does not continue along the nape of the neck like a low skin fade or mid skin fade does.

Burst Fade Hairstyle For men And Boys
Burst Fade With Textured Crop top

Burst Taper Fade

Much like the taper fade mentioned above however the fade at the temple is cut in a semicircle shape or ‘burst’.

Burst Taper Fade With Mullet Hairstyle
Burst Taper Fade With Short Mullet

Which Skin Fade Hairstyles Are Trending?

At the moment, we continue to see the mullet take on many different forms and plenty of those involve a burst fade of burst taper fade.

In fact the burst taper fade has really become one of the most trendy modern takes on the old school classic mullet hairstyle.

High Taper Fade Mullet
High Taper Fade With Textured Mullet

Low Burst Fade
Low Burst Fade

And That's A Wrap

We hope this article helps to clarify the different types of skin fades and makes it that little bit easier when requesting your next haircut at the barbershop. If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to ask Medhi and the team here at Barber Industries Cessnock.