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The Best Barbers In Westfield Carousel

Founded in 2015, Barber Industries has quickly expanded into regions across Australia. Our Cannington Barbershop is open at number 1034 in the newly renovated Westfield Carousel, which is on the Albany Highway just outside of Perth in Western Australia.

We have pulled together an exceptional team of master barbers and are looking forward to sharing with you their skills and the special experience that they create with every service. They are impeccably trained and skilled in their craft. For style cuts, the best skin fades in the game, beard sculpting and traditional wet shaves, come see Adam and his team.

We are open seven days a week with first cuts from 9am Monday to Saturday and from 11am Sundays. Thursday nights we offer late night trade and are open until 9pm. We offer special rates for kids, students, seniors and pension card holders.

Booking are not required, come in, relax and enjoy yourself knowing that we strive to provide the best barber service in Australia.

Do yourself the favour, come and see Perth's best barber's in Westfield Carousel.


  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
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  • Sunday
  • Christmas Day
  • New Years Day
  • Easter Sunday


  • Mens Style Cut
  • High School
  • Kids
  • Pensioner & Seniors
  • Crew Cut
  • Skin Fade Extra
  • Beard Trim
  • Beard Line Up With Razor
  • Beard Trim & Line Up
  • Hot Towel Shave


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Probably the best haircut I’ve ever had and overall a great experience they even gave my mate I refreshments, I will definitely be coming back!

5 Star Google Rating
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My partner looked amazing with his new hairstyle. Really love it! On top of that the service is top notch. They even give your refreshment while waiting. Will definitely come back again.

5 Star Google Rating
Araya T
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Couldn't be happier with the service that Adam provided, he really listened to what I wanted and then delivered the goods, will be back for sure.

5 Star Google Rating
Jojo Fernandez
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  • Barbershop Locations
    Shop 1034 Westfield Carousel,
    1382 Albany Hwy Cannington WA 6107

Barbershop Blog


August 12, 2020

Some blokes think that grooming is owning a toothbrush and are satisfied with a quick splash of their girlfriends shampoo every once in a while, thankfully however, this is not most blokes. The men of today know that there is an important list of grooming essentials that every bloke should keep at the ready. The most difficult part is that there is an ever growing list of products entering the market. This makes it hard to know one from another and what you actually need to have in your kit.
Great product range from the best barbers in Perth.

In this article, we will talk about some of the most important men’s hair care products, what they do and how they work. Read on to learn more about some significant aspect of hair-care for the modern man.

Shampoo and Conditioner

These are the most basic of tools in the man’s hair care kit, and yet their importance is often misunderstood. You should always choose quality products that do not strip the hair of the natural protective oils that coat it and help to keep it healthy. If you’re using oil based pomades or clays you’re gonna need a quality degreasing shampoo and they should always be free of nasties like sulphates and parabens. We recommend shampoo and conditioners from the American Crew range and they are available in store.

Hair Gel

Gel is perfect for those who need a lot of structure in their hairstyle, as in the case of a mohawk or other eclectic style. Most gels offer incredible stiffness and are water-based for easy washing.


Generally provide a shiny and slick appearance, although matte varieties are also available and are very versatile. Pomades are most suitable for creating pompadours and rockabilly hairstyles. The water based varieties like those from Uppercut Deluxe wash out more easily than traditional oil based varieties.


Making its debut back in the 80’s, mousse has been around for a good stint but that is with good reason. It is perfect for taming and adding light hold in long and especially curly hair, it can reduce frizz and help define curls.

Sea Salt Spray

Also works wonders on curly or wavy hair. In thin or straight hair it can add volume and texture. Wan’t to look like you’ve just got out of the surf, here’s your solution.


Relatively new on the scene, powders work by by increasing friction between hair strands. This achieves both volume and texture. Powders are great for creating messy styles or as a foundation before other products are applied. They are quickly growing in popularity due to the ease with which they can hold up without adding weight.


Pastes are known for their thickness and versatility, they are suitable for many hairstyles and generally offer a high level of hold with a matte finish. Check out the award winning range from Muk Haircare in store, they are water soluble, humidity resistant and have amazing fragrances too.

Beard Oil

You facial hair is just as important as the hair on your head and a good beard oil is an essential ingredient in your beards upkeep. The single blade range from Proraso work to moisturise and protect. They consist of all natural ingredients that promote healthy beard growth and prevent breakages.

These are just some of the options that you can consider for your men’s hair care kit. Each product serves a specific role and should be used depending on the type of hair you have and the type of style you wish to achieve.

We stock a wide range of men’s grooming products and that range extends well beyond what is in this list. To see the full range, for more information and in-depth advise, come in and see the team at Barber Industries Westfield Carousel, we are open seven days week.



July 11, 2020
The magical ability to figure out how to balance work and life from the get-go is something that just isn’t in our DNA. More often than not, the realisation that one area is lacking, arrives at a time when the damage has already been done, either in one’s work or personal life or in the worst cases, both.
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May 30, 2020
First impressions are all too important and the hair of any person can make a significant difference in how they present and how they are perceived. While women have long focused on lengthy styling rituals, many a man’s routine is also becoming more detailed and purposeful. Nowadays, you will see men getting a regular haircut, making use of various hair products, and leaving the house only after polishing their look. With the ever increasing number of hair products available in the market, it's easy to use products that may eventually damage your hair. Apart from this, you may also be doing regular practices that can harm your scalp and hair. It is vital to take good care of your hair and to have the knowledge to properly do so, let’s take a deeper look.
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February 26, 2020
Our Barber Industries Concept Store is now open in Cannington Western Australia. The barbershop is located in the newly renovated Westfield Carousel and looks to be turning some heads. This month we have a quick Q&A to introduce the team on the ground and get some insights into the crews background and what they are bringing to the scene in Perth.
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