With the goal of bringing back a traditional barbershop vibe, we have created a concept that blends hair & beard treatments into a masculine haven for the modern man.

Barber Industries is pleased to bring our concept to the Warwick Farm Liverpool area and we have found a convenient and fitting home for the barbershop at Fashion Spree.

A visit to our barbershop unveils a modern day delivery of age old customs and a timeless craft. It is an experience that draws on the traditions, aesthetics, and nostalgia of the old-world barbershop and blends this with the modern comforts of today's world.

We pride ourselves on offering the most comprehensive range of men's grooming tools and products that caters to even the most discerning of gentleman. Our carefully curated selection includes the finest of barbershop-only brands. The range includes premium quality razors, shaving brushes, soaps, creams, oils, pomades, and powders that cater to all grooming needs and all skin types.

Whether you are a resident of Warwick Farm or a guest visiting The Grove Homemaker Centre and Fashion Spree, we invite you to step into our barbershop and experience the best in personal, professional and authentic grooming services.  Take a moment for yourself and enjoy the unparalleled skills of our talented team of barbers.

We are at your service seven days a week and we offer late night trade every Thursday night for your convenience. Trust us to deliver an exceptional grooming experience that will leave you looking and feeling your best.


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Barbershop Blog


July 7, 2023

Blowout hairstyles have become one of the trendiest looks for men with curly hair and likely because they are a great way to show off natural texture and curls. In this article we will look at the roots of the hairstyle in New York and the iconic 'Brooklyn Fade' and then outline some other trending variations like a low fade with blowout or a low taper with blowout. We will conclude with some styling tips and include some photos for your reference too.

What Is A Blowout Hairstyle For Men

And Why Does A Blowout Hairstyle Work So Well For Men With Curly Hair?

A blowout hairstyle is a type of haircut where the hair on the top of the head is left rather long with shorter blends down around the natural hairline. The name 'blowout' simply stems from the art of blowdrying the longer locks of hair for styling. It’s an excellent group of hairstyles for men with curly hair and a great way to show off natural texture and curls while also providing a clean and fresh appearance too.

The Roots Of The Blowout Men's Hairstyle

The blowout hairstyle was first popularised by ethnic Americans and predominantly in African American barbershops of New York City, hence why the term ‘Brooklyn Fade’ was coined and why it is widely used to describe a taper fade or temple fade hairstyle today.

Trending Blowout Taper / Fade Hairstyles

Low Taper With Blowout

We'll start this section with the low taper and blowout curls up top. With this haircut you have a little taper cut at the temple and nape of the neck and then lots of longer locks or a nest of curls up top. A fantastic, stylish and trendy haircut for men with thick curly hair.

Men's Low Taper With Blowout Hairstyle

Low Taper Fade With Blowout

This particular haircut has many names and depending on where you are and who you're asking, it may be referred to as a taper fade, temple fade, temp fade or a Brooklyn fade. For this hairstyle you have a fade cut at the temple and again at the nape of the neck, then the blowout top.

The 'low taper fade' differs from the 'low taper' in that the 'taper fade' is a shorter cut, it blends to the skin above the natural hairline, shifting the hairline above it's natural position.
Men's Low Taper Fade With Blowout Hairstyle

Mid Taper Fade With Blowout

This one is your classic afro 'temp fade' or 'Brooklyn fade', where the fade at the temple is cut a little higher up - a mid taper fade with blowout. Note the boxed up fringe is very typical with this hairstyle too. An epic hairstyle for men with afro hair.

Afro Temp Fade or Brooklyn Fade hairstyle For Men

Low Fade With Blowout

Next we have a low fade with blow out and with this haircut the fade is cut all the way around the head and above the ears as well as the temples and nape of the neck. Another great style for curly or afro hair.

Men's Low Fade With Blowout Hairstyle

Blowout Taper With Pattern

The addition of a pattern cut into the taper is a very cool and trendy development and a haircut that is particularly popular for young men with curly hair.

Styling Tips For Men's Blowout Hairstyles

Curly hair is prone to frizz and can be hard to control at the best of times, so using good quality styling products is an absolute must. Shop with us at Barber Industries Fashion Spree for the best barbershop exclusive products and top notch advice too.

Our best piece of advice would be to talk to the barber when purchasing because each product is applied differently and provides different results.

To style the longer curls you won’t be looking for a typical pomade like other blokes, you'll be wanting a foam, styling powder, grooming spray or sea salt spray instead - a product that can accentuate your curls while helping to tame and control.

For a true blowout hairstyle, you'll need to use a blow dryer to 'blow out', but sometimes towel drying and scrunching provides better results, all depends on the hair type and the desired look.

Either way use a pre-styler like American Crew Prep & Prime Tonic and apply onto damp (not wet) hair and then scrunch or blowdry to give your curls definition. Another great product option is American Crew Matte Spray Clay, which is applied using the same method.

American Crew Spray Clay

For afro hair, use a wide toothed comb or afro pick to remove knots and then a foam brush to shape up your style.

Afro Fade Hairstyle