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With the development of the Prestons Place Shopping Centre came the opportunity to bring a Barber Industries Concept Store to the region. The complex at Prestons offers great facilities and a range of stores and services that are a welcome addition the area. Barber Industries delivers a blend of the traditional old school barbershop with modern day aesthetics.  

We get to know our clients, we welcome everyone equally and build on strong customer relations. We have a diverse customer base that is much broader than just our direct locale, some of our regular clients travel distances from other Suburbs in the South West so they can experience the timeless art of grooming delivered by our maestro barbers.

From old school to ultra modern styles, what you ask for is what you get, our approach is positive, comfortable and our services are always delivered with the greatest care and attention to detail. We are conveniently located near the Woolworths entrance to the Prestons Place Shopping Centre, we are open seven days a week and our team is always ready and accomodating, no bookings are required. Visit our services section for daily trading hours and for a full list of rates and services on hair cuts, beard & shave.


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  • Mens Cuts
  • Skin Fade
  • Kids & High School
  • Seniors
  • Pensioner
  • Crew Cut
  • Beard Trim
  • Beard Trim & Line Up
  • Hot Towel Shave
  • Hair Cut & Beard Shave


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Barbershop Blog


December 23, 2021

With the arrival of the warm weather and the whole lockdown lunacy finally behind us, we thought it would be a good time to talk summer hairstyle hacks for men. The forecast is for a hot and humid summer so read on as we outline some tips and tricks to help keep you looking cool and stylish through the silly season and into the new year ahead.
Short Summer Hairstyle For Man

Today we offer a little barberly advise and some styling tips for coping through a hot, wet Australian summer. Ultimately we want to keep you all looking damn fine while living your best life in the sun.

A Bi-Weekly Skin Fade

Short hairstyles are great for the summer months as they are cool and allow for easy styling and maintenance. The one caveat to this is a very regular visit to the barbershop, especially if you prefer a skin fade hairstyle. A regular skin fade allows for the tanning of the skin that becomes exposed with a fresh cut and it is only with very regular haircuts that this will be achieved. When this skin is more regularly exposed the skin color becomes uniform with the face, neck and shoulders, which allows the skin fade hairstyle to be worn at its best version. A tip from the barber is to apply sunscreen to the exposed scalp to protect against sunburn and allow for gentle tanning.

Dealing With The Sweat & Humidity

The Australian summer is hot enough on any typical day however to make matters worse we are in a La Niña weather cycle for this season. This means we are in for warmer ocean currents which leads to increased humidity, rain and even the number of cyclones up north. To help combat this climate phenomenon and to keep your hairstyle in place through all this extra humidity, the barberly advise is to knuckle down and get to know your hair styling products. Water soluble products will start to wash away with heavy sweating or if you get stuck in a rain shower whereas wax or petroleum based styling products are water insoluble. This means they won’t wash away with water, they will hold through thick and thin and actually require a degreasing shampoo to remove. Ask your barber for further advise on the base components of the different styling products available here at the barbershop.

Aussie Beach Bums

Not everyone is into a buzz cut, so now we wish to talk to those blokes who like to keep a little more length up top. The barberly advise for the day is to adopt a messy, easy going approach to hairstyling for the summer. A laid back approach compliments the lifestyle of the season and works wonders as you're in and out of the water on a regular basis. Think texture, styling powder and sea salt spray for effortless and instant grooming that will have you looking every bit the Aussie beach bum and oozing style.

Bringing In 2022

And that’s a wrap for the the barber’s tips and tricks for today. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, stay safe if travelling and we hope to see you back in the barber’s chair soon.