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With the development of the Prestons Place Shopping Centre came the opportunity to bring a Barber Industries Concept Store to the region. The complex at Prestons offers great facilities and a range of stores and services that are a welcome addition the area. Barber Industries delivers a blend of the traditional old school barbershop with modern day aesthetics.  

We get to know our clients, we welcome everyone equally and build on strong customer relations. We have a diverse customer base that is much broader than just our direct locale, some of our regular clients travel distances from other Suburbs in the South West so they can experience the timeless art of grooming delivered by our maestro barbers.

From old school to ultra modern styles, what you ask for is what you get, our approach is positive, comfortable and our services are always delivered with the greatest care and attention to detail. We are conveniently located near the Woolworths entrance to the Prestons Place Shopping Centre, we are open seven days a week and our team is always ready and accomodating, no bookings are required. Visit our services section for daily trading hours and for a full list of rates and services on hair cuts, beard & shave.


  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
  • Christmas Day
  • New Years Day
  • Easter Sunday


  • Mens Cuts
  • Skin Fade
  • Kids & High School
  • Seniors
  • Pensioner
  • Crew Cut
  • Beard Trim
  • Beard Trim & Line Up
  • Hot Towel Shave
  • Hair Cut & Beard Shave


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Amazing team of barbers. The experience was great from start to finish and the first time our 2 year old was hypnotised into silence during a cut! Beyond happy! Great work!!

5 Star Google Rating
Dana Mitrovic
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Best looking barber shop I've ever seen and the boys got the skills to match. Go in and ask for slim fadey and his sidekick Ali. Can't go wrong.

5 Star Google Rating
Luke Erceg
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Been going since they've opened never been disappointed, best hair cuts in town!!!!

5 Star Google Rating
Moey Ali
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Barbershop Blog


March 14, 2021

The what’s hot in men’s hairstyles is constantly in a state of change. Trends seemingly work in cycles and a haircut that is considered to be unfashionable and outdated today can quickly become the hot new trend and the look that everybody is asking for tomorrow. Today we take a look at the big five current trends in men’s hairstyles.
Men's hairstyles - MohawkTrending Men's Hairstyles - MulletTrending Men's Hairstyles - Burst Fade
5. Low Fade Messy Quiff

Here we see longer and looser hair up top, enough to be styled high with good volume. This drops down into a low fade and a nice overall balance is created. The combination is becoming quite popular and it works extremely well for men with wavy hair types and those looking for a style that is both smart and casual.

4. Messy Layers

Since the time before time, long and messy hair has been an easy identifier for rebels, rockers and social misfits. The coronavirus pandemic has shown us the visible hand of big government and in retaliation a wave of modern day freedom fighters have emerged. The prominent hairstyle of choice? Long, messy layers. This hairstyle works best for anarchists and those trying bring down the government.

3. Crop Top

Coming in at number three and getting to the pointy end we have the crop top. This is one of those hairstyles that found former glory before falling out of favour and and is now making a rebound and resurgence. Remember the long fringe of those emo side sweeps? Well, the crop top is the sensible and contemporary opposite. The cut works best for those with thick hair and natural textures so that styling compliments the natural growth patterns. For thinner hair, style with texturising powder.

2. Burst Fade

Quite commonly combined with a mohawk, the burst fade is a popular fade haircut development of recent years. The burst fade differs from a low or mid fade because the fade arcs down around the ear in a semi circle shape and does not continue along the neckline. This burst fade is a versatile haircut that works well with a variety of different lengths on top and at the neckline. Exceptionally well fitting to tight curls and afro hair.

1. The Mullet

Coming in at number one, the iconic mullet, the haircut once reserved for the bravest of men, business at the front and a party at the back. The modern day mullet is typically more refined than it’s 70’s predecessor and could be considered to be almost classy. Most commonly requested in very short formats the style is seemingly everywhere nowadays and tops our list as the most trending men’s hairstyle for 2021.