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Our team of industry leading barbers are delivering age old barbershop traditions and services in the comfort and modern aesthetics of our Wollongong Concept Store. Our fit out is inviting, our professional staff are welcoming and your experience with us is like no other you will find south of Sydney.

From old school rockabilly to ultra modern styles, we have the skills to deliver on your every request. From a buzz cut and beard trim through to a detailed skin fade and Kings Shave, enjoy the hot towels and facial massage and leave your looks in the hands of our professionals, experience the timeless art of grooming delivered by our maestro barbers.

We are open seven days a week in Wollongong Central, we have a loyal following from as far as Shellharbour and even Kiama, we welcome everyone and offer all mens style cuts, including skin fades, for only $30. We offer rates to kids, uni students, seniors and pensioner cards holders, see our services section for daily trading hours and our full list of rates on all our hair cuts, shaves & treatments.

Come experience the difference, we will be ready welcome you at Barber Industries Wollongong.


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Barbershop Blog


June 3, 2021

There are several current shifts in men’s hairstyle trends underway, predominantly the zeitgeist is the tweaking and adaption of long standing classic hairstyles. If you have an existing hairstyle that you are still fond of but are keen to take a look at ways to spice things up, then this article is for you. Read on as we breakdown some of the latest trends and ways of invigorating your look at the barbershop.
New School Mullet Hairstyle
Tweaking The Classics

A very noticeable occurrence of late is the blending of old school classic hairstyles with modern twists and adaptions. On first appearance you may believe you are looking at a truely timeless style-cut but on closer inspection you will see the contemporary tweaks in the details. In place of a tried and tested greasy pomp we are seeing matte versions with looser styling, this makes for a not-so-clean look and more of a rugged finish. A further modernisation of the classic is to wear it with a level of skin fade and prominent hard part. To add definitive texture and recreate the barber styled look at home, a modern wide toothed styling comb assists with sectioning, lifting and perfecting the look.

New School Neckline

Some very popular developments of late are the V-shaped neckline and the mini-mullet. These adaptions are popular amongst the rebellious types and are styles that breaks some norms while giving real pop and bang. If you are wanting a contemporary haircut that stands out in a crowd, then this is an area to explore. Instead of a traditional skin fades, we are seeing more burst fades requested. With the burst fade the shape of the fade is circular and it finishes behind the ear, leaving the neckline to be styled in various other ways. The neckline finished is a V-shape is popular however slightly longer mini-mullets have seemingly taken off as a trading move.

Shaved Lines & Accents 

An easy way to add individualism to any classic or contemporary hairstyle is to add a custom accent or shaved lines. A long single line is common and two angular dashes is also gaining popularity. For now, full patterns are mostly reserved for the youth but there are some brave adopters who are pushing the boundaries with patterned razor work.