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Our team of industry leading barbers are delivering age old barbershop traditions and services in the comfort and modern aesthetics of our Wollongong Concept Store. Our fit out is inviting, our professional staff are welcoming and your experience with us is like no other you will find south of Sydney.

From old school rockabilly to ultra modern styles, we have the skills to deliver on your every request. From a buzz cut and beard trim through to a detailed skin fade and Kings Shave, enjoy the hot towels and facial massage and leave your looks in the hands of our professionals, experience the timeless art of grooming delivered by our maestro barbers.

We are open seven days a week in Wollongong Central, we have a loyal following from as far as Shellharbour and even Kiama, we welcome everyone and offer all mens style cuts, including skin fades, for only $30. We offer rates to kids, uni students, seniors and pensioner cards holders, see our services section for daily trading hours and our full list of rates on all our hair cuts, shaves & treatments.

Come experience the difference, we will be ready welcome you at Barber Industries Wollongong.


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Best barber in the Illawarra. Always take so much time when cutting. There's a place for perfectionists and this is that place. I had my hair cut for the wedding - high fade with slick back. Top notch every time.

5 Star Google Rating
Jayden Morris
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Brilliant service, they work really well with beards especially and always make me look sharp when I need them to. They're careful and thorough with their cuts and are the only barbers I'm satisfied getting a cut with.

5 Star Google Rating
Shaun Parera
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Highly recommended, after long time i found Best barber in town. They are specially attention for detail.Couple of time visited there and always happyyyyy...

5 Star Google Rating
Sandesh Dahal
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Barbershop Blog


September 8, 2020

Spring has well and truely arrived, a time for new life and new beginnings, a time to welcome a new chapter in your life and get prepped up for the summer that lies ahead. Say bye bye winter chills and hello warm and sunny days. Along with the changing of the weather, comes the ideal time to adopt a fresh new look to suit the season.
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Today we take a look at a few things that every man can do to adjust with the season:

Preparing the beach body

If you wan’t to be gracing the shoreline with a trimmed and toned beach body this summer, than now is the time to be burning off that winter coat and getting the six pack primed. Good fitness doesn’t happen overnight, but with a healthy diet and regular exercise it doesn’t take too long. With the days getting longer you have more time to make any necessary changes. If you don’t already, consider joining a gym or going for a regular walk or run. At least 20 minutes exercise a few days a week is recommended and don’t underestimate the importance of a good stretch. Try hitting the sand for some vitimin-k intake and a slight tan to take the glow off.

Try a cold shower

Say what? Yes, a cold shower. It can be uncomfortable but also quite invigorating. The cold water shocks our body into warming itself which improves circulation and increases metabolism. This in turn helps your lymphatic system by aiding in the removal of waste from your cells which helps ward off infections. The cold water sends electrical impulses to your brain. This jolt to the system releases endorphins which leads to feelings of alertness, clarity and well-being, a great way to keep your head in a good place.

Get some new threads

There is something extremely satisfying about new clothes and or a fresh pair of kicks. With the new season threads hitting the shelves, now is a good time to get the jump on the new fashion (before there is nothing left in your size). Put your Covid-19 stimulus check to some personal use and get some fresh clobber for the wardrobe. Don’t forget to swing past the barbershop while your browsing around, no component of this list is more important than a fresh haircut.

Get a buzz cut

As the weather warms up, a little extra breeze on your head is the functional advantage that you will get if you go for this look. It is definitely not for everyone, but for those who are brave, the buzz cut provides a no-fuss, zero maintenance style that is perfect for the season.

Textured and tapered

If you're not yet ready for a full-on buzz cut, try letting your hair loose and embrace its natural textures. Stay neat and tight on your back and sides while embracing some length on top. If you have thinner hair, try some texturising powder to build-up the volume of your desired look. Finally, use a matte pomade or clay to fine-tune the small details of your new look.

Final thoughts

The best way to face the changing of the seasons is by giving yourself a new routine and a fresh new look. This can do wonders for your self-confidence and allow you to grow into a new chapter in your life while looking and feeling your best.