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Our team of industry leading barbers are delivering age old barbershop traditions and services in the comfort and modern aesthetics of our Wollongong Concept Store. Our fit out is inviting, our professional staff are welcoming and your experience with us is like no other you will find south of Sydney.

From old school rockabilly to ultra modern styles, we have the skills to deliver on your every request. From a buzz cut and beard trim through to a detailed skin fade and Kings Shave, enjoy the hot towels and facial massage and leave your looks in the hands of our professionals, experience the timeless art of grooming delivered by our maestro barbers.

We are open seven days a week in Wollongong Central, we have a loyal following from as far as Shellharbour and even Kiama, we welcome everyone and offer all mens style cuts, including skin fades, for only $30. We offer rates to kids, uni students, seniors and pensioner cards holders, see our services section for daily trading hours and our full list of rates on all our hair cuts, shaves & treatments.

Come experience the difference, we will be ready welcome you at Barber Industries Wollongong.


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Barbershop Blog


January 13, 2022

As the new school year is fast approaching it is time to get the young blokes into the barbershop for a fresh looking new year hairstyle. Always good to get them looking sharp and smart so that they start back to school with their best foot forward. This is even more important for young boys starting school for the first time, a special milestone and only the finest of hairstyles will do.
Undercut Hairstyle For Boys - Barber Industries WollongongSpiky Hairstyle For Boys - Barber Industries WollongongMullet Hairstyle For Boys - Barber Industries WollongongClassic Hairstyle For Boys - Barber Industries Wollongong

The new school year is a time of anticipation, excitement and encouragement. It is a time for new introductions, new beginnings and a new hairstyle too. Let’s take a look at some contemporary options that will help propel the young blokes through the new school year with confidence.

Smart & Sharp

A super short hairstyle is a smart option for the school yard as it requires no styling and keeps the same upkept appearance all day long. No amount of rumble and tumble in the playground will worry the little man with a boxed up high fade as their hairstyle of choice.
Skin Fade Hairstyle For Boys - Barber Industries Wollongong


Casually textured for easy-peasy styling and all day good looking lads. Hairstyles like a quiff are great because they can easily be styled with a little volumising powder or matte pomade in the morning and their hair will be kept out of their face throughout the day. The casual and rough finish of this hairstyle means that it can hold up to the rigours of the long school day and they’ll still be looking stylish when the day’s done and they get back home.
Modern Hairstyle For Boys - Barber Industries Wollongong

Hard Part

A popular addition to many short hairstyles is the hard part. This is a shaved line at the parting of the hair and this creates a prominent part that takes much hassle out of hairstyling in the morning. With the part already set in place, some wax or pomade can be quickly pulled through the hair to set the hairstyle for the day.
Hard Part Hairstyle For Boys - Barber Industries Wollongong


For the adventurous and independent young boys who are not afraid to make their presence felt, custom lines and patterns can provide their own unique hairstyle and give them a real sense of individualism, ownership and identity. While the dean of students may not approve at some schools, here at Barber industries Wollongong we definitely encourage this type of bold hairstyle.
Pattern Harstyle Hairstyle For Boys - Barber Industries Wollongong