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Our team of industry leading barbers are delivering age old barbershop traditions and services in the comfort and modern aesthetics of our Wollongong Concept Store. Our fit out is inviting, our professional staff are welcoming and your experience with us is like no other you will find south of Sydney.

From old school rockabilly to ultra modern styles, we have the skills to deliver on your every request. From a buzz cut and beard trim through to a detailed skin fade and Kings Shave, enjoy the hot towels and facial massage and leave your looks in the hands of our professionals, experience the timeless art of grooming delivered by our maestro barbers.

We are open seven days a week in Wollongong Central, we have a loyal following from as far as Shellharbour and even Kiama, we welcome everyone and offer all mens style cuts, including skin fades, for only $30. We offer rates to kids, uni students, seniors and pensioner cards holders, see our services section for daily trading hours and our full list of rates on all our hair cuts, shaves & treatments.

Come experience the difference, we will be ready welcome you at Barber Industries Wollongong.


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Best barber in the Illawarra. Always take so much time when cutting. There's a place for perfectionists and this is that place. I had my hair cut for the wedding - high fade with slick back. Top notch every time.

5 Star Google Rating
Jayden Morris
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Brilliant service, they work really well with beards especially and always make me look sharp when I need them to. They're careful and thorough with their cuts and are the only barbers I'm satisfied getting a cut with.

5 Star Google Rating
Shaun Parera
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Highly recommended, after long time i found Best barber in town. They are specially attention for detail.Couple of time visited there and always happyyyyy...

5 Star Google Rating
Sandesh Dahal
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Barbershop Blog


August 4, 2020

One odd side effect of the COVID-19 pandemic is the growing popularity of beards and other uncommon hairstyles among men. Blokes have been removed and distanced from the careful and loving hands of their barbers and this has led to some wild and more eclectic looks. Coupled with the “new normal” of being forced to work from home, there is now a secondary epidemic of beards.
Wollongong's best barbers talk beards during lockdownWollongong's best barbershop- Barber IndustriesThe best barbers in Wollongong talk beards during lockdown

Amidst this whole working from home caper, emerges the perfect time to experiment with growing a beard or changing up your appearance. Working in your PJ’s does not have to equate to being a lousy, unkempt mess. A little self maintenance will ensure that your new beard works to accentuate your best features and may see you emerge from this pandemic with a brave new look that you otherwise would never have attempted.

Trimming and shaping a beard, like any other skill, is improved with practice and patience. Without the guiding hand of a skilled barber, it is easy to make unattractive and painful mistakes when doing so. Don’t forget that we are still open and you don’t need to brave this journey on your own. Nevertheless, if you’re adamant that you’d like to get stuck into the experimentation yourself, it is important to have the right tools at your disposal:

Clippers: make trimming large areas go along more quickly.

Beard comb: can be used for detailing and homogenising the grain of a long beard.

Beard scissors: are specially designed for trimming one’s beard and moustache, they ensure straight cuts to avoid split ends.

Straight razor: the finest detailing and a clean finish will be achieved with this tool.

Once you have the tools, you’ll still likely have to buckle up for the long wait that it takes to grow out your man mane. Remember to keep your beard clean with a beard wash and moisturised with a good beard oil or balm. This will keep your skin and follicles healthy underneath and keep the growing process comfortable.

When you have obtained some considerable length it is time to consider some styling. A goatee is not only a bad ass way to present your glorious mane, it is also a good fallback for when you make mistakes in trimming. The goatee can definitely provide a certain ruggedness and this type of beard will help to accentuate your jawline.

To get through to some serious length you obviously need to grow through some shorter stages first. A beard that is only a centimetre or two in length is still going to need regular maintenance. Just like the hair on your head, it will need regular treatment, trimming and styling to look good.

Round beards that go all the way from sideburn to sideburn, are better for men with prominent cheekbones, as the curve of the beard accentuates these features. For those who are new to the realm of the big beard, you’ll quickly learn that symmetry is more difficult to attain than you’d expect. To avoid the disappointment of loosing your hard gained growth through over trimming, you might wanna venture out and see the professionals here at the barbershop.

With isolation aside, beards have experienced somewhat of a renaissance in men’s fashion as of late. While there are many that are sceptical about its viability as a fashion choice, this working from home period seems to present the perfect opportunity to give growing a try. After all, it’s winter, it’s cold and the worst case scenario is you’ll learn it’s not for you.

For those who do give it a good nudge, don’t go it alone, leave the trimming to the pro’s, come in and see our team of master barbers on the ground floor in Wollongong Central, we’re open seven days a week and also stock the best products to serve all your beard growing needs.



July 3, 2020
A man’s hair is one of his major status symbols, which is why constant styling and copious amounts of time are spent on cultivating the perfect look. A clean cut exudes confidence and creates a professional facade for setting a good first impression. One of the most popular styles emerging in this age is the ‘Hard Part’. This is also known as a razor part and is a clean line shaved down to the scalp with a trimmer or razor. The hard part is traditionally worn on the side and can be incorporated into a wide variety of hairstyles. A short cut with a hard part comes off as very neat and professional and suits most occasions, whether casual or formal.
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June 3, 2020
Being well-groomed is essential when it comes to being a man. After all, first impressions last and putting that right foot forward is important in so many situations. When you meet people, you don’t only want them to see a man that they can trust and rely on but also one they feel comfortable to associate with because of how good you look. Read on for four simple grooming tips that will help keep you make that all important first impression and keep you looking tidy, smart and sharp.
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February 5, 2020
The Barbershop has experienced a kind of revolution over the last decade or so, broadly there has been somewhat of a renaissance but also instances where shops are transformed to include every kind of gimmick. Much of the positive development however stems from the changing demands of the modern man. For him a perfectly groomed appearance is essential for success across the expanse that is today’s playing field.
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