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We are open seven days a week and on Thursday nights we offer late night trade and remain open until 8pm. We offer special rates for kids, students, seniors and pension card holders every day. In delivering a traditional barbershop vibe, bookings are not required, simply come in, kick back, have a good chin wag and most importantly: relax and enjoy.

On our retail shelves, you will find all of your grooming essentials as well as specialty products for men of all ages. We stock a wide range of barbershop only brands that you won't find any where else. We have great gift ideas with traditional shaving sets, colognes, beard oils, balms, trimmers and gift vouchers too.

You are in the best hands in the business with us and can rest assured that we endeavour to provide the finest barbershop service across Australia. Make the trip into town and visit us to connect with the most talented barbers in the region.


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Barbershop Blog


June 24, 2023

In today’s article we are going to talk all about the latest hair styling technique for young boys, the Sharkie Hairstyle! First up, we will break down what this trendy hairstyle is, then outline some of the variations that can be chosen. Lastly, we’ll try and help you mums and dads understand the different elements of the look and outline what to ask your barber when you bring the boys in here at Barber Industries Tamworth Shoppingworld.

Sharkie Hairstyle For Boys

What is a Sharkie hairstyle?

The Sharkie hairstyle is a spiky boys haircut, aptly named because its spiked up hair has the resemblance of a shark fin. The Sharkie is basically a mohawk or fauxhawk haircut with a much cooler name, SHARKIE, one the young fellas seem to really like.

The style is characterised by short sides that give way to longer spiked up hair that forms the shark fin.

Barber cutting a Sharkie boys haircut at Tamworth Barbershop

With punk rock undertones, the Sharkie is real edgy and packs a lot of attitude for a kids haircut. 

The Sharkie is actually quite a versatile haircut. You always have the fundamental spiked up hair that resemble the shark fin. Then, there are many variations in the way the rest of the haircut is made up around this. The sides can be cut all one length, basically a disconnected undercut, can be cut with a taper, skin fade or even a burst fade for a real contemporary take and the ultimate Sharkie haircut.

What are the different types of Sharkie haircuts?

Baby Shark Kids Hairstyle

With just a little Sharkie, this is a boys haircut for the littlest of dudes and maybe even a first haircut.

Baby Shark Haircut

Short Hair Sharkie Haircut

An even clipper number on the sides and a relatively short Sharkie on the top and back of the hair. It doesn't need to be a long hair Sharkie to garner a big smile.

Mid Taper Sharkie Haircut

A mid taper that is blended into the spiked top for a really dynamic looking boys hairstyle.

Sharkie With Taper Hairstyle

Long Spikes Sharkie Haircut

Short clippered sides and long spikes on the back and the top for creating epic boys haircuts.

Sharkie Haircut With Spiderweb Pattern

Combining a pattern design like a spiderweb can take the kids haircut to a whole new level of radical.

Sharkie Haircut With Spider Web Pattern

What to ask the barber for the ultimate Sharkie haircut?

Our team of barbers are well versed in cutting kids hair and Sharkies but there are still some details that need to be locked down for every boys haircut.

For one of the hottest trends in kids haircuts for boys, we recommend short sides, sharp edges at the hairline and a little blending around the shark fin. For the ultimate Sharkie haircut and some individual flair, add some custom razor lines down the sides.

Boys Sharkie hairstyle with hard edges and pattern

How to style the Sharkie haircut for boys?

Now that the Sharkie haircut is all figured out, it's time to style it. The usual styling products for boys are applicable but just keep in mind that the look is all about maximum texture and hold.

For optimal results, use a strong hold pomade for all day hold and consider the addition of hair spray for fail safe hair styling that will last through the toughest of playground rumbles.

Using Hairspray To Style The Sharkie Haircut

Where to get the Sharkie haircut for boys?

We hope this article has given full clarity on the trending Sharkie boys haircut, what to ask your barber and how to style the look. If you have any questions or would like us to hook the lads up with a fresh Sharkie, don’t hesitate to get in seven days a week at Barber Industries Tamworth Shoppingworld!