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Now Open Seven Days A Week In Tamworth

Barber Industries has recruited the countries finest talent and expanded our barbershop locations into regions across Australia. The newest addition is our Tamworth Shoppingworld Barbershop, now open at Shop 35A.

Our team of master barbers are impeccably trained and skilled in their craft, they are looking forward to sharing with you their craftsmanship and the special experience that they create with every service. For both classic and modern style cuts, the best skin fades in the game, beard sculpting and traditional wet shaves, come in and see the team.

We are open seven days a week and on Thursday nights we offer late night trade and remain open until 8pm. We offer special rates for kids, students, seniors and pension card holders every day. In delivering a traditional barbershop vibe, bookings are not required, simply come in, kick back, have a good chin wag and most importantly: relax and enjoy.

On our retail shelves, you will find all of your grooming essentials as well as specialty products for men of all ages. We stock a wide range of barbershop only brands that you won't find any where else. We have great gift ideas with traditional shaving sets, colognes, beard oils, balms, trimmers and gift vouchers too.

You are in the best hands in the business with us and can rest assured that we endeavour to provide the finest barbershop service across Australia. Make the trip into town and visit us to connect with the most talented barbers in the region.


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Barbershop Blog


June 14, 2022

Experiencing hair loss can be a complex life event for the men effected. Sometimes balding is hereditary and other times there are other powers at play. In this article we take a look at how to combat balding and hopefully provide some useful tips to help balding men age more gracefully.

For men who are just starting to thin out, there could be an explanation besides genetics causing your balding and it’s worth investigating if you’d like to hold onto your head of hair.

A high level of stress is one unexpected cause of hair loss but there are a wide range of different, potential reasons. It may be as simple as not having enough iron, protein or zinc however it may also be something more complicated like thyroid disease, a scalp infection or even alopecia areata, which is an immune disease that attacks hair follicles.

If you can identify the cause of your hair loss, you can look at a potential cure. If it’s hereditary however, you are very limited in options and have medication, hair transplants or a toupee as your trio of choices. The other approach is to simply accept your position and embrace it, go for a hair style that compliments your changing hairline or simply shave it all off.


If you’re only thinning and do not yet net have a large bald spot, you can opt for a hairstyle that can conceal a receding hairline. A caesar cut / crop top is a great option and can be styled forward to great effect.


If your hair loss is substantial and you're not keen on going fully shaven, a buzz cut can provide a clean, simple and sleek solution. As a general rule, shorter hair will minimise the appearance of balding.
Balding Man With Short Buzz Cut


Going clean shaven has a range of benefits and works great for men with very large bald spots. You’ll never need to shampoo again and once your scalp gets a good sun tan on it, you’ll be looking right at home in your new signature style.
Bald Man With Beard

Ask Your Barber

Don’t be afraid to ask your barber for advise, after all they’ve seen it a thousand times before. 

Your barber is probably the best resource for advice on how to combat balding and ageing gracefully.