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You're Local Barbershop At Rhodes Central

An exciting new barbershop is now open for business in Rhodes Central. We are proud to deliver our concept store experience and believe that barbershops are meant to provide more than just a service, that is why we focus on the experience, that experience is a modern day delivery of age old customs and traditional barbershop culture.

Our highly skilled barbers offer classic and contemporary haircuts, beard sculpting, razor blade line ups, and the very finest of traditional hot towel shaves. We pride ourselves on our family friendly service and offer special rates for kids and pensioners.

We offer a wide selection of men's hair treatments, tools, and styling products. We stock the finest barbershop exclusive brands that you won't find anywhere else. Whether you're simply looking for a new styling product to elevate your look or a traditional shaving set for something truly special, we have everything you need. Come in and see our full selection!

We are open seven days a week and are conveniently located on the ground level. Bookings not required, come in, relax and enjoy yourself knowing we strive to provide the best barber service in Australia.


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  • Barbershop Locations
    Shop G.14 Rhodes Central
    6 Walker Street Rhodes 2138

Barbershop Blog


June 22, 2023
What was once a trip to the barber for a relaxing shave and a solid chin wag has long became a daily chore to despise. Luckily, it seems as though we are slowly moving full circle back to where it all began, as more and more men choose a traditional hot towel shave and some good old fashioned barbershop vibes.
Traditional Shave At Barber Industries Rhodes

The Lost Art Of Shaving And The Old School Barbershop

Have you ever heard the saying to cut your nose off to spite your face?

Well it makes a good analogy for describing man's long term relationship with shaving:

In our quest for speed and convenience, we all too willingly gave up the indulgence of the barbershop shave. What was once a leisurely trip to the barbershop with quality time for self, a hot towel shave and usually some good ol' barbershop banter, become nothing more than a quotidian task at home.

In the days before spray on shaving foam in a can and shitty throw way razors, a visit to the barbershop was about more than just a clean shave. It was a bustling hub of social discourse where men caught up on current events and discussed community issues.

Sadly, the advent of the safety razor led to the gradual decline of this environment. As men adopted the home shave, the social release and the enjoyment of the barbershop shave was lost…….., but not forgotten.

Traditional Hot Towel Shave At Barber Industries Rhodes

The Return Of Tradition And Enjoyment

As we find ourselves overrun by the hectic nature of modern life, men are no less pressed for time than their predecessors, yet for an increasing number, they have once again come to appreciate the respite offered by the old-world barbershop vibe and a traditional hot towel shave at the barbershop.

As they kick back in the barber's chair, they experience the age-old craft of the cut-throat shave and an escape from the daily grind, a moment to relax and recharge. It’s rediscovery of the lost indulgence and extra time taken to enjoy the whole process.

Traditional Shave At Barber Industries Rhodes

Visit Us At Rhodes Central And Join The Resurgence Today

Join the growing number of men who have rediscovered the lost art and enjoyment of the traditional barbershop shave. There is no doubt that it is making a comeback and no wonder, because it’s about more than just getting a clean shave, it's about the holistic experience, feeling refreshed and totally invigorated!

Come visit the team seven days a week at Barber Industries Rhodes Central.