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The new Granville Place development has the liveability of residents at the very forefront of design. Structured with easy access to a range of retail and essential services along with an abundance of family friendly and communal spaces, Granville Place offers a modern approach to apartment living in Sydney. The ideal home for a Barber Industries Barbershop.  

The barbershop is open for business inside the shopping precinct on the ground level of Granville Place. We are open seven days a week, bookings are not required, simply come in, kick back, relax and enjoy yourself knowing that we strive to provide the best barber service in Australia.

We offer special rates for kids, seniors and pension card holders. We are open for late night haircuts on Thursdays until 8pm. We stock a wide range of grooming essentials and stock the finest barbershop only brands like American Crew, Uppercut Deluxe, Muk and Proraso. We have a selection of shaving soaps, creams, after shave balms, waxes, razors and more.

We welcome your visit to us for your next haircut, beard trim or hot towel shave. We offer a prestige yet approachable level of service and a barbershop experience that is delivered with a keen eye and attention to finest of details. Our approach is a modern day delivery of age old customs and traditional techniques. Prepare to step inside a masculine haven for the modern man at Barber Industries Granville Place.


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Barbershop Blog


May 24, 2023

The taper hairstyle for men has experienced a surge in popularity lately, and it's not difficult to understand why. This classic old-school style is versatile, sophisticated, and on-trend. Here at Barber Industries in Granville Place we're excited about this rising popularity because it's led to some really cool cuts and something fresh for the team.

Low Taper With Textured Top

What's Currently Trending With Taper Hairstyles?

A low taper fade with longer, textured hair on top is a popular combination that looks especially good on men with thick, curly hair. Another trend, prevalent among teenagers, is a taper or an undercut taper with a line art pattern cut into the hairline at the nape of the neck. These styles require some real creativity and an experts hand, but when done correctly, it’s damn fresh and makes a bold statement.

Girls Undercut Haircut With Taper And Pattern

One standout taper hairstyle that's really gaining in popularity at the moment is the low taper fade with longer, grown out, textured or curly locks on top.

Men's Low Taper Haircut With Curly Hair
Men's Low Taper Haircut With Pattern

What’s The Difference Between A Taper And Fade Hairstyle For Men?

Tapering refers to any gradation in length of the hair whereas a fade is basically a seamless blend of the hairline with the skin.

A key attribute of any taper hairstyle is that there exists a hairline above the ear whereas with a fade, there's no hairline, just a smooth blending of the hair and scalp.

A taper could be a 'long taper' or a 'short taper' - all depending on the desired length. It can also be a ‘low taper’ which comes up just a little from the temple and nape of the neck, or a ‘high taper’ which comes right up the sides and back of the head. Most men's hairstyles involve some kind of tapering.

Boys Taper Hairstyle
Boys Taper Hairstyle

Men's Taper Hairstyle
Men's Taper Hairstyle

Men's Taper Hairstyle
Men's Taper Hairstyle

Men's Taper With Long Curly Hair
Men's Taper With Long Curly Hair

Men's Taper Hairstyle With Side Part
Men's Taper Hairstyle With Side Part

So What's A Taper Fade Then?

This is a subject that can be a little confusing so we hope this information is helpful in gaining a better understanding of these cutting techniques. Do take note that the language varies around the world and not all barbers see eye to eye on the same terminology. Take the ‘taper fade’ hairstyle as an example and to one barber it’s simply a taper, to another barber a taper fade, another a temple fade, Brooklyn fade, blowout fade, and so on and so on.

With a ‘taper fade’, both the 'taper' and 'fade' techniques are involved - the natural hairline is raised and seamlessly blended to skin but only at the temples and nape of the neck. Like any other fade hairstyle, this may be low, mid or high, depending on how high up from the natural hairline the fade is.

Where to get a top notch taper hairstyle in Sydney?

To wrap this one up, there are some exciting developments in the renaissance of the taper hairstyle for men and we look forward to seeing how things continue to progress with this trend going forward. Be sure to get in and see the team here at Barber Industries Granville Place if you wish to explore one of these hairstyles for yourself any time soon.