Sydney's Best Barbers Are Now In Roselands

We are very pleased to announce that The Barber Industries Experience is now available in Roselands. This is the ninth Concept Store in our group of Traditional Barbershops and again we share with you the skills of our Master Barbers and that special experience that they create with every service. From old-school to ultra modern hair cuts, beard treatments, hot towel shaves and all your men's grooming essentials, you are in good hands with our team at Barber Industries Roselands.

The shopping precinct has undergone a $90 million revitalisation and the redevelopment has reinvigorated the centre and positioned it as a real focal point within the community.  The works include major changes with the creation of a fresh food precinct and more than 30 specialty food retailers. We are conveniently located above the food precinct on level 1, next to the MYER entrance, and we are open seven days a week.

Come in and experience our team of highly skilled professionals who bring back the timeless art of grooming in a traditional barbershop. They are craftsman of the highest regard, a team with an industry leading skillset and a loyal following. Good things are happening at Roselands and it is a good time to introduce Barber Industries.


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Barbershop Blog


May 30, 2023

The old taper haircut is enjoying a particular moment of popularity right now. Maybe due to the versatility and stylishness or maybe as a counterculture to the endless fades and stereotypical razor short men's hairstyles. Either way, the trend is in motion and in this article we will discuss the taper, the new found popularity and what to ask your barber if you want to jump on the bandwagon.
Men's Taper Hairstyle With Curly Hair

What Is A Taper Haircut?

A taper haircut is basically any gradation of length from long to short, typically found at the sides and back of the head.

There is always a hairline just above the ear which defines a typical men's taper hairstyle. On the other hand, a fade haircut involves blending or seamlessly transitioning the hair to the skin, without any defined hairline except at the fringe.

Image Of Men's Taper Hairstyle That Shows The Tell Tale Hairline Behind The Ear

Why The Popularity Of The Taper Haircut?

The taper is as old as the hills so why is this style of haircut coming back into vogue amongst the trend savvy men of Sydney?

We can only assume but jump to the conclusion that the popularity is driven by men who have grown tired of the typical fade hairstyles and are looking for something slightly fresh and a little different to the norms.

Men's Low Taper Hairstyle With Curly Hair Nest

Which Taper Haircuts Are Trending?

A current trending haircut is a low taper that only comes slightly up from the temples and nape of the neck, giving way to longer lengths of hair up top.

This style combo is gaining in popularity and is an epic look for men with dense, dark, or curly hair. Additionally and popular with teenage boys and girls, is a pattern of line art that is cut into the taper from the nape of the neck.

Pattern Cut Into men's Taper Hairstyle

What To Ask Your Barber?

When visiting the team here at Barber Industries Roselands, ask your barber about your options and the kind of taper hairstyle that will work with your hair length.

The taper is a very versatile haircut, so you can specify how short or long you would like the taper and how high up you'd like to go. A taper is a great choice if you want to opt for a longer type of men's hairstyle.