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Experience a team of highly skilled professionals who bring back the timeless art of grooming in a traditional barbershop. Our team at Barber Industries Maitland are craftsman of the highest regard, a team with an industry leading skillset and a loyal following. It really is the skills of our staff that seperate us from the other barbershops in the area, the cut throat shaves, fades and attention to the finest of detail that is the point of difference.

With the major redevelopment of the Stockland Greenhills East Maitland came the opportunity to establish another Barber Industries Concept Store. The new complex brings so many stores and services that have long been desired in the area, including a barbershop with traditional values and techniques as well as modern day aesthetics.

We are a country store and we personally know so many of our clients, we welcome everyone equally and build on strong customer relations. We have a diverse customer base that is much broader than just our locale, with some regular clients travelling great distances and from further up the valley to visit us and our master barbers.

Come see the best barbers in Maitland. Whether you are a local or visitor to the Maitland region, come in and experience our personal and genuine service, the familiarity and warmth that only the country offers. We are open seven days a week on the ground floor, next to H&M, in Stockland Greenhills East Maitland.


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  • Barbershop Locations
    Shop 1058 Stockland Green Hills
    1 Molly Morgan Dr, East Maitland, 2323

Barbershop Blog


May 13, 2022

Trust is an integral part of any personal relationship and the same goes for that between client and barber. The troubling thing is that many of us blokes simply don’t know when we are receiving good advise, or, we’re too pig heading to listen to it. The most productive client barber relationship is one of mutual respect and trust, an arrangement that leads to the best outcomes for your grooming and styling.
Barber using razor at Barber Industries GreenhillsBarber doing skin fade hairstyle Stockland GreenhillsBarber doing skin fade hairstyle Stockland Greenhills East Maitland

The Master Barber Knows His Craft

Firstly, it is important to remember that you're getting your hair or beard groomed by a professional. Not all hairstyles can look good on everyone. A master barber has perfected his craft and knows what hairstyles and which looks work for the nuances of each individual. Attributes like face shape, head shape, hair type, position of crown, flat spots or cowlicks should all be considered. 

Trusting In The Barbers Advice

Providing advise on what is achievable with your features and what would work best for you is part of the Barber Industries service. The team are professionals and part of their role is to ensure the highest level of service possible. To achieve this it is imperative that they carefully evaluated your request and then provide feedback if necessary. Only through consistent, positive outcomes can the team here at Stockland Greenhills continue to say that we are the best barbershop crew in Maitland.

Your Goals Are The Barbers Goals

The key to trusting in your barber is in keeping an open mind. It is important to remain flexible  and to try to ‘pick up what they are putting down’. If they make a polite suggestion, be sure to consider their advice before making your own decision. Blokes are creatures of habit and to our detriment, we often find it difficult to embrace change. Placing some trust in the barber’s skills and carefully considering their advice will usually result in the best possible outcome for your hairstyle.