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In line with the direction of the NSW Government, this barbershop will be closed until further notice.

Please note that the Government advice and regulation is in constant change and this reopening date may be subject to change.  We look forward to welcoming everyone back in store at the first appropriate point in time.

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By Maitland’s Best Barbers

Experience a team of highly skilled professionals who bring back the timeless art of grooming in a traditional barbershop. Our team at Barber Industries Maitland are craftsman of the highest regard, a team with an industry leading skillset and a loyal following. It really is the skills of our staff that seperate us from the other barbershops in the area, the cut throat shaves, fades and attention to the finest of detail that is the point of difference.

With the major redevelopment of the Stockland Greenhills East Maitland came the opportunity to establish another Barber Industries Concept Store. The new complex brings so many stores and services that have long been desired in the area, including a barbershop with traditional values and techniques as well as modern day aesthetics.

We are a country store and we personally know so many of our clients, we welcome everyone equally and build on strong customer relations. We have a diverse customer base that is much broader than just our locale, with some regular clients travelling great distances and from further up the valley to visit us and our master barbers.

Come see the best barbers in Maitland. Whether you are a local or visitor to the Maitland region, come in and experience our personal and genuine service, the familiarity and warmth that only the country offers. We are open seven days a week on the ground floor, next to H&M, in Stockland Greenhills East Maitland.


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Barbershop Blog


June 12, 2021

You can cook a meal at home but it is extra special to dine out at a nice restaurant. You can make your coffee at home but it’s never as nice as the barista makes at the cafe, and, you can shave at home but it is never enjoyed like a shave at the barbershop. Let’s look at how shaving has changed over time and at what makes kicking back for a cut throat at the barbershop so special.
Shaving Tools At Stockland Greenhills Barbershop
The Double Edged Safety Razor

First appearing at the turn of the twentieth century, the double edged safety razor with disposable blade took the the art of shaving out of the barbershops and into the home. The invention by King Camp Gillette, unwittingly changed the shave from a barbershop experience to be enjoyed into a home chore to be loathed. Why has the single blade survived for over one hundred years? Because a single blade razor pass causes less irritation than a multi blade as well as significantly reducing the risk of ingrown hairs.

The Electric Shaver

Early electric shavers where clunky and clumsy contraptions with large external motors connected to a shaving head. When ex American army colonel Jacob Schick invented an electric shaver with a small internal motor he was on a winning design and his product went on to sell in the millions of units during the 1930’s. Electric shavers have come a long way and they score big points for convenience or if you’re chasing the stubbled look. There are many varieties in today’s market but they all stop short of a close shave when compared to a wet shave with a razor.

Multi-Blade Safety Razor

When he launched the worlds first multi blade razor in 1971, it was again Gillette at the forefront of developments. This was a pivotal period in time and a shift in materials to stainless steel saw the longevity of disposable razor blades greatly increased. The other producers quickly followed suit and it was only a matter of time before we arrived at the five blade behemoths that we see today. Do you really need five blades? Hell no, and for those with sensitive skin it can be quite detrimental. Multiple sharp edges passing across the skin create more friction and this can lead to razor burn and irritation.

The Barbershop Shave

Rising above all other tools and techniques is the traditional wet shave administered by our team of master barbers. This is drastically different to the home shave and unfortunately an experience that most men have never experienced. Our master barbers understand aspects of shaving that most men never knew existed and their skill has been honed through the industry for centuries. 

The barber’s blades and brushes have changed very little over time but the soaps and balms have developed into a modern day collection of ‘barbershop only’ specialty products. With this we offer the very best in pre-shave, shave and post shave care to our clients.

Yes, a decent shave is achievable at home, but just like eating out at a nice restaurant, a big component of a shave at the barbershop is the experience and that is something that you can not replicate at home.