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Experience a team of highly skilled professionals who bring back the timeless art of grooming in a traditional barbershop. Our team at Barber Industries Maitland are craftsman of the highest regard, a team with an industry leading skillset and a loyal following. It really is the skills of our staff that seperate us from the other barbershops in the area, the cut throat shaves, fades and attention to the finest of detail that is the point of difference.

With the major redevelopment of the Stockland Greenhills East Maitland came the opportunity to establish another Barber Industries Concept Store. The new complex brings so many stores and services that have long been desired in the area, including a barbershop with traditional values and techniques as well as modern day aesthetics.

We are a country store and we personally know so many of our clients, we welcome everyone equally and build on strong customer relations. We have a diverse customer base that is much broader than just our locale, with some regular clients travelling great distances and from further up the valley to visit us and our master barbers.

So whether you are a local or visitor to the Maitland region, come in and experience our personal and genuine service, the familiarity and warmth that only the country offers. We are open seven days a week on the ground floor, next to H&M, in Stockland Greenhills East Maitland.


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By far the best barbershop in the area. I don't have to explain how I want my hair cut every time and I always get the best quality and walk out happy. I highly recommend this place.

5 Star Google Rating
MP (Local Guide)
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Style in style. No request remain unsolved. A King's service. On moderate prices. Highly recommended. I had strange request and I'm quite fussy about but Amir fixed my need with out question.

5 Star Google Rating
Theodor Postelnicescu
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Best service from the boys at Barber industries greenhills today 👍 top fades and beard styles from the man Amir churr bro
10/10 😎

5 Star Google Rating
King Monz
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Barbershop Blog

Beards, Balms & The Power of Powder

August 20, 2019

When it comes to the world of mens grooming and styling products, we are now spoilt rotten in a realm that was once quite scant for choice. There are loads of new developments constantly popping onto the shelves, some of these come and go and some are here to stay. With so many choices it can be hard to know what’s what and will work for you and your needs.
Texturising Hair PowderHair PowdersHair Powder For Men

Let’s take a look at some of the products flooding into the mens grooming space and compare some of them in regards to what works best and when.

Beard oils and beard balms share many of the same characteristics, the main difference being the addition of waxes and butters in the balms. This creates the thicker consistencies that gives styling support and a mild level of hold for shaping. Balms tend to coat the hair while oils are more readily absorbed and penetrate deeper into the hair. Oils are great for daily conditioning and balms are popular for those with longer beards who are seeking more shape and control. In saying that it is is not uncommon to use both at once and many beardmen will keep both a beard oil and a beard balm handy in their kit.

Next we look at Pomades, Pastes and Clay, which one to choose here? Pomades work well for hairstyles that are shaped with a comb, they give a high level of shine and should not dry out or go crusty. Choose a water based pomade that will wash out more easily than oil based versions, that way you won’t damage your hair by stripping away your hairs natural oils in the cleaning process. Pastes are thicker than pomades and their texture is generally tacky like a glue. They offer a firm hold when styling and leave hair with a matte finish or little shine. The commonality or the clays is that they actually contain a form of clay in the formulation. Clays provide extra volume and stability and usually with good hold and a matte finish.

Lastly we look at the new kid on the block in ‘texturising volume powders’. Most of us are not yet familiar with the ‘power of powder’ but that is set to change as they quickly grow in popularity. The texturising powders will make your hair feel thicker and have greater volume as they bind to the hair and create friction, they are very effective and only a small amount is needed to instantly give the extra lift. Some of these powders double up as dry shampoos which can be the perfect saviour when you're on the run and your usual grooming routine is out of the question.

To wrap it up, the best way to get your head around these products is to talk to your barber. The staff in the barbershop are dealing with these products on a daily basis and with many or them before they are officially released to the public. They have a well developed understanding of the various products, their uses and their pros and cons. So the best bet if you're unsure about anything is to ask the staff, they are your best resource for the best advise.


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