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Experience a team of highly skilled professionals who bring back the timeless art of grooming in a traditional barbershop. Our team at Barber Industries Maitland are craftsman of the highest regard, a team with an industry leading skillset and a loyal following. It really is the skills of our staff that seperate us from the other barbershops in the area, the cut throat shaves, fades and attention to the finest of detail that is the point of difference.

With the major redevelopment of the Stockland Greenhills East Maitland came the opportunity to establish another Barber Industries Concept Store. The new complex brings so many stores and services that have long been desired in the area, including a barbershop with traditional values and techniques as well as modern day aesthetics.

We are a country store and we personally know so many of our clients, we welcome everyone equally and build on strong customer relations. We have a diverse customer base that is much broader than just our locale, with some regular clients travelling great distances and from further up the valley to visit us and our master barbers.

So whether you are a local or visitor to the Maitland region, come in and experience our personal and genuine service, the familiarity and warmth that only the country offers. We are open seven days a week on the ground floor, next to H&M, in Stockland Greenhills East Maitland.


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By far the best barbershop in the area. I don't have to explain how I want my hair cut every time and I always get the best quality and walk out happy. I highly recommend this place.

5 Star Google Rating
MP (Local Guide)
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Style in style. No request remain unsolved. A King's service. On moderate prices. Highly recommended. I had strange request and I'm quite fussy about but Amir fixed my need with out question.

5 Star Google Rating
Theodor Postelnicescu
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Best service from the boys at Barber industries greenhills today 👍 top fades and beard styles from the man Amir churr bro
10/10 😎

5 Star Google Rating
King Monz
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  • Barbershop Locations
    Shop 1058 Stockland Green Hills
    1 Molly Morgan Dr, East Maitland, 2323

Barbershop Blog


October 21, 2019

Stockland Greenhills is bustling, it is a busy Thursday night and the Barber Industries store is pumping. We wait for the team to clear the bench of eager customers and then we sit for a chat with our main man on the ground in Maitland, Mr Amir Karimkhani.
Meet The Barber - Stockland Greenhills - Amir At Barber IndustriesMeet The Barber - Stockland Greenhills - Amir At Barber IndustriesMeet The Barber - Stockland Greenhills - Amir At Barber Industries

How long have you been in the barbershop game and how long have you had Barber Industries at Stockland Greenhills?

I have been working as a barber for 20 years now. I first worked in Iran in Tehran province, I worked with the boys at my own shop and then I came to Australia. In Sydney, I worked for Barber Industries Miranda for 2 years before I relocated with my family to Maitland where we opened the Barber Industries at Stockland Greenhills, in 2018.

You started your career in Iran where the barbershop culture and service is really traditional, Can you tell us a little about your mentors and training.

Sure, my education in Iran was second to none, I had really good teachers in the older guys at the barbershop, they were well seasoned old boys and their guidance helped me to develop a good foundation and all those really important fundamentals of the trade. Over time you develop your own style and refine your techniques but I believe you need to have a strong background and understanding to fall back on, and that is what I learnt from my time there.

What motivates you and what do you love most about what you do?

I want to provide the best service to the area, I am motivated to further build on what we have started here at the barbershop, when the customer is smiling and they are happy with the job, that makes me happy, that is what I love about it and that is the reward for all the hard work.

Waiting at the shop to start this interview and it has been super busy, the shop has developed a really strong following, what do you attribute this to?

People are still discovering us and when they do they keep coming back. We see new faces all the time, but the new faces are turning into loyal customers, they come once and then they keep coming back, I guess we are delivering the right kind of service and there is obviously a lot of different factors to consider there. I do believe it's a culmination of many things, most importantly the team and their skills, and then couple that up with fair pricing and the aesthetic of the shop and it all starts to come together into a nice package.

Which hairstyle is the most requested and do you see any new trends emerging.

By far the skin fade is the most popular style, high or mid skin fade with a hard part, that is the most popular at the moment and that spans across a wide age group too, it wouldn’t be uncommon to have dad and the kids request the same cut. In saying that it is usually quite different between the age brackets, the older gentleman don't really go for the same style as the young kids and the adolescence. As far as new trends go, there is always something new emerging or something making a comeback, looks like it could be mullet season this summer, we will see how that unfolds over time (Laughs).

Thanks Amir.



September 10, 2019
It is a day and age where the best barber in Los Angeles is widely considered to be a female, that ladies name is Sophie Pok. We thought it would be a good time to have a Q&A chat with our very own Jess and Kira. They are two on our team who are doing a great job on the tools and an even better job of breaking the gender stereotypes through their career success in what is a heavily male dominated industry.
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August 20, 2019
When it comes to the world of mens grooming and styling products, we are now spoilt rotten in a realm that was once quite scant for choice. There are loads of new developments constantly popping onto the shelves, some of these come and go and some are here to stay. With so many choices it can be hard to know what’s what and what will work for you and your needs.
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July 17, 2019
Never has the Skin Fade hair style been as popular as it is today. Currently the Skin Fade, in its many forms, is our most requested hair cut, especially with the trend savvy clients of the younger generations.
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