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January 8, 2023

Having a well-maintained beard can make you look stylish, sophisticated and confident. But achieving that perfected look requires more than just growing out your facial hair - it also requires the right barbershop products and techniques. In this article, we’ll discuss why specialised barbershop products are essential for maintaining a healthy and attractive beard. We'll provide tips on how to use them correctly and in conjunction with grooming techniques like brushing, trimming and styling

Man With Long Beard At Barbershop

Specially formulated products like beard wash, beard oil, and beard balm are paramount in the correct upkeep of a man's beard. We suggest using only the best barbershop only brands because using inferior products can have a real detrimental effect on your beard and skin beneath.

How To Properly Clean Your Beard

Proper cleaning is essential for a healthy beard and the first step in the process is using a specialised beard wash to remove dirt and grime from your facial hair and the skin beneath the beard. Avoid using everyday hair shampoo that tends to strip away natural oils. Exfoliating the skin is equally important and this can be achieved by brushing the face and beard with a beard brush. 

How To Properly Moisturise Your Beard

Moisturising your beard is essential for preventing skin irritation and itchiness. The way to do this is with a barbershop-grade beard oil that hydrates the hair and the skin beneath. When applying the oil, start at the root of the hairs and work outwards in gentle strokes until you have covered all areas of your facial hair. For optimal results, apply the product twice daily; once in the morning after washing your face and again in the evening.


How To Properly Style Your Beard

After washing, get started with a brush and hair dryer. Brush down to tame and control and then apply your beard oil or alternatively a beard balm. Distribute the product from the roots out before styling into your desired shape with fingers, brush or comb. Finally, use scissors to trim any unruly flyaways for an even finish that looks polished at all times.

Freshly Cut & Styled Beard - Barber Industries Maitland

How To Choose The Right Products

Here at Barber Industries Stockland Greenhills we offer only the finest barbershop-grade grooming products and they are the best to keep your beard looking its absolute best. Come in and see our master barbers who can provide you with advice on which products will work best for you!

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