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September 5, 2020

Despite its importance, men’s grooming is a rarely discussed topic. All too often, men are left to their own devices to try and figure things out for themselves. The right knowledge is essential and today we take a look at a few grooming hacks to help the modern man along in his journey of life.

Flat lay of men's grooming tools. Razor, brush, soap, comb.
Stop a shaving cut from bleeding

Every man has been there at some point in time, rushing to get ready and a quick nick of the razor has you bleeding out on the vanity. Simply dab with a tissue or dunny roll to dry the area and then apply a little Vaseline, this will form a water tight seal and stop the bleeding. Think about boxers who get split open when fighting in the ring. Vaseline is what the corner crew apply to stop this heavy bleeding so it’s sure to seal up your shaving mishap.

Deodorant can help reduce blisters from new shoes

Getting about in some brand new kicks will always have you feeling good - until you discover that they have given you blisters. This is commonly experienced with new footy boots and runners but is even more common with dress shoes which are stiffer and can cause blisters from simply walking.

Blisters are caused by friction between the rigid parts of your feet and the stiff areas of your new shoes. To avoid this rather unpleasant experience, apply a roll-on deodorant to the high friction-areas of your foot, such as your heels and toes. Believe it or not, the deodorant provides a barrier and protect against friction.

A further hack is that most deodorants contain aluminium, which is great at easing the irritation from bug bites. On top of that, the relief is almost instant.

Hand cream can tame your unruly hair

Let’s say you’ve been out on a bender and you have woke in some foreign place, you look dusty and your hair is in a tizzy. There are none of your usual styling products on hand but there is some hand cream…. Go for it, a healthy lather will tame even the most unkempt hair. Like hair conditioner, it contains ingredients like glycerin and lactic acid that will add moisture to your hair. As an added bonus the perfume should leave it smelling fresh and nice.

Dry your razor after shaving

Rust caused by moisture is your razor’s worst enemy. To keep your razor for longer, it’s a good idea to dry it with a blast of your hairdryer. The hot air will help get rid of any moisture left after shaving, including any skin residue that could potentially linger within the crevices of your razor. If you dan’t have a hairdryer, rub the blades backwards on a towel, this should pull out any hairs and help to dry the blades.

Knowledge is power

Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. If you find yourself in the relevant pinch, you can now turn to these grooming hacks and you’ll pull through with flying colors. Stay tuned for more here on our barbershop blog.