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Join The Barber Industries Brand

The brand provides great opportunity and a wealth of benefits to those looking to open a traditional barbershop in their own location. By joining the Barber Industries family you are connecting to the strengths and successes of a brand that is one of the fasted growing chains of Barbershops in Australia. Since the inception of the brand in 2015 we have experienced rapid growth and have expanded to eleven locations across Australia.

About The Brand

With the goal of bringing back a traditional barbershop vibe, Barber Industries has created a concept that blends hair & beard treatments into a masculine haven for the modern man. The brand uses a visual language that is contemporary while remaining heavily rooted and descriptive of the age old traditions and craftsmanship of the trade. Each Barber Industries Concept Store is fitted out in line with our brand aesthetic which blends the tradition and nostalgia of the old-world barber shop with the modern comforts and aesthetics of today’s world. We take absolute pride in the brand image and in making sure that every client that visits us is treated to the Barber Industries Concept Store Experience.

Franchise Enquiries

Take the first step towards joining the Barber Industries family by enquiring below. We will gladly contact you back, answer any questions and provide you with all the information that you will need to make your own Barber Industries Concept Store a reality.

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