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Join The Barber Industries Family

The brand provides great opportunity and a wealth of benefits to those looking to open a traditional barbershop in their own location. By joining the Barber Industries family you are connecting to the strengths and successes of a brand that is one of the fastest growing chains of Barbershops in Australia. Since the inception of the brand in 2015 we have experienced rapid growth and have expanded to more than thirty locations across Australia.

About The Brand

With the goal of bringing back a traditional barbershop vibe, Barber Industries has created a concept that blends hair & beard treatments into a masculine haven for the modern man. The brand uses a visual language that is contemporary while remaining heavily rooted and descriptive of the age old traditions and craftsmanship of the trade.

Each Barber Industries Concept Store is fitted out in line with our brand aesthetic which blends the tradition, aesthetics and nostalgia of the old-world barber shop with the modern comforts of today’s world. We take absolute pride in the brand image and in making sure that every client that visits us is treated to the Barber Industries Concept Store Experience.

In the time since its inception, the brand has matured into an industry leader at a national level and is now believed to be Australia’s fastest growing chain of barbershops. Through continued rapid growth comes an abundance of opportunity for investment and return.

Suitable Partners

No previous industry experience is necessary for investment in a Barber industries franchise. While many investors are experienced barbers, other owners adopt a management role or choose to simply oversee their operations. 

While an understanding of business management is beneficial, a willingness to learn is suffice for first time business owners. Our business development team are always available to provide the training, tools and systems that will ensure the successful operation of your barbershop.

Key Benefits Of Owning A Barber Industries Barbershop

An Established National Brand

With over 30 barbershops in operation across Australia, Barber Industries offers a highly respected and easily recognisable brand. As the company continues to grow there is an ever increasing awareness of brand within the population. This is attractive for new investors however it can also provide continual appreciation for existing franchise owners.

Successful Business Model

A tried and tested strategy with a proven record of success. Innovative and designed for the modern marketplace where we create, deliver, and capture value. The culmination of brand, systems and other intellectual property provide the right foundations for exceptional business.

Preferential Treatment

Through our established network of barbershop tenancies we have developed an impeccable level of trust with the companies behind some of Australia’s largest retail precincts. The nature of these relationships leads to great mutual understanding and enables us to be successful in securing more highly sought after tenancies for our investors. 

Multiple Income Streams

Franchise partners enjoy the added value of a multi faceted business. Retail sales compliment the service offering and allow for multiple income stream opportunities. Retail provides customers with a range of grooming products from the world’s leading barbershop only brands, allows for a greater amount spent per customer and increases revenue.

Holistic Approach To Support

Our experienced team will provide support to partners in a multitude of ways. Our business development team will provide guidance and backing for partners as they establish their business. Ongoing support will be provided by our team of marketing specialists.


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