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With the goal of recruiting the countries finest talent and expanding our offering into regions across Australia, we are pleased to be delivering the Barber Industries experience to The Central Coast.

Our team are impeccably trained and skilled in the craft of personal grooming and styling. We endeavour to provide an unparalleled level of service for men of all ages and for woman seeking the craftsmanship of a barber. For the very best in classic and modern style cuts, the finest skin fades in the game, beard sculpting and traditional wet shaves, come in and see the team.

Our retail shelves are packed full of grooming and styling essentials for the modern man. We stock only the highest quality products and have a range of barbershop only brands that you will not find elsewhere else. For the traditionalist, we offer shaving kits with exquisite soaps, authentic badger hair shaving brushes, luxury cutthroat razors and amazing colognes.

We are open seven days a week with first cuts from 9am Monday to Saturday and 10am Sundays. On Thursday nights we offer late night trade with our doors open until 9pm. Special rates for kids, students, seniors and pension card holders.

Take a moment in time and place yourself in the hands of the regions finest barbers. Bookings are not required, come in, kick back, relax and enjoy, you are in good hands. We look forward to sharing with you that special experience that is created with every service.  

Now open at Shop 1022 Westfield Tuggerah.


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Barbershop Blog


June 25, 2023
For some blokes shaving is much more of a horror show than for others. Rash, irritation and razor burn can torment long after the last pass of the razor blade. If you're a bloke who gets irritated and uncomfortable after shaving, read on because in today's article we offer the best respite possible with our guide on soothing irritation for the perfect post shave ritual at home.
Applying Shaving Soap With Shaving Brush

Not All Skin Types Are Equal

Some blokes are prone to shaving sensitivity and men with sensitive skin should take extra measures to ensure a smooth and comfortable shave.

Understanding your skin type is key and adjusting your shaving process to suit is vital.

Prior Preparation Prevents A Poor Performance

Have you ever heard the saying that prevention is the best cure?

Well it's a good one and it rings true here because a little prior preparation can prevent most post shave irritation and discomfort.

Start by washing your face with warm water to open up the pores and soften the stubble. Apply a pre-shave cream, then use a quality shaving brush to apply your shaving soap and lastly shave with a fresh razor blade.

Men's Shaving Products At Westfield Tuggerah

The Right Tools For The Job

We want to emphasise the importance of using high quality shaving products and also the right products for your skin type.

Here at Barber Industries Westfield Tuggerah we stock the world’s best barbershop exclusive brands and have the right products and the right advise for all skin types.

A soothing aftershave balm should be at the core of this ritual and there is none better than Proraso After Shave Balm Sensitive. It is specially formulated for men who are prone to redness, sensitivity and irritation. The natural alcohol-free formula includes oatmeal, green tea, thyme and aloe to soothe, moisturise and protect.

Proraso After Shave balm Sensitive

The After Shave Process

After the last pass of the razor, rinse your face with cold water to close the pores. Pat dry and apply after shave balm. Use a small amount to gently massage into the face and neck until all the product is absorbed. This will provide satisfying and immediate relief from the stresses and discomforts of shaving.

Applying After Shave Balm

We're sure you will feel the difference!

Now that you're comfortable and irritation free, it's time for the grand finale and a splash of cologne on your pulse points to get yourself smelling just as good as you’re feeling.