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Newcastle's Best Barbers

The team at our Charlestown Concept Store are widely regarded as the regions best barbers. We believe Barbershops are meant to provide more than just a service and that is why we provide an experience, that experience is a modern day delivery of age old customs and a traditional barbershop culture that is unique to Barber Industries.

Located in Charlestown Square we are easily accessible from both the Lake Macquarie and Newcastle areas. We have somewhat of a cult following with regular clients travelling from both directions to see our team of master barbers. We welcome all comers and have rates for kids, students, seniors and pensioner card holders, see our services section for our daily trading hours and for our full price list  on hair cuts, beard & shaving treatments.

We have a wide range of men's treatment products that make great gift ideas, perfect for any man, and if you are overwhelmed by the selection and can't decide on that perfect gift, we also have gift vouchers available.

We are open seven days a week and are conveniently located next to Fifi Le Femme on the ground level of Charlestown Square. Bookings not required, come down, relax and enjoy yourself knowing we strive to give you the best barber service in Australia.


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  • Mens Cuts
    from $30
  • Style Cut
    from $35
  • Zero Fade
    from $35
  • Kids
  • Pensioner
  • Crew Cut
  • Beard Trim
    from $20
  • Beard Shave
  • Hair Cut & Shave


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Great staff. My son’s haircut was perfect. Pricing is really reasonable for the service. I would also like to add that whilst we waited there were 2 little boys who were really frightened about getting their haircut. When it came time to get their done they just screamed. The parents tried everything but, the staff were incredible. So patient and kind. They never made fun of the kids - even when they had gone. Everyone did their best to really help the parents and the children. I was really impressed. A credit to all the staff for not only being great barbers but decent humans!

5 Star Google Rating
Kimberly Duncan
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First time visit to Barber Industries-Charlestown today and it certainly won't be my last! Great atmosphere, brilliant team and as for MJ, the man's a hair cutting GURU 10/10!   HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
*** I had a tickle in my throat and the lovely girl took $ out of the till to buy me some cold water ***
FANTASTIC CUSTOMER SERVICE You now have earnd yourselves a Barber Industries- Charlestown customer for life.  KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK.

5 Star Google Rating
Michael Stewart
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Very good barbers.friendly and quick. Can be busy at peak times but that's because they are so many returning customers.

Reza is the moalim( boss) and he is awesome at cutting hair and doing beards. I don't go anywhere else now. Top notch!!!

Very happy

Hussain is also very good too.

5 Star Google Rating
Mina Gobrial
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    Shop 3080,  Charlestown Square
    30 Pearson St, Charlestown NSW 2290

Barbershop Blog


January 7, 2021

In some cultures and religions, a first haircut can be considered as a rite of passage, not always the case but it’s always an important milestone in their early lives. As parents this is a great moment for us to remember. Here is a guide to help make their first haircut experience more fun and memorable.
First Haircuts for boysFirst time to the barbersBoys first haircuts

Some babies entered the world with a head full of thick beautiful locks, these are the little guys that you might want to have a visit to the barbers by the time they are one year old. Other little lads have much sparser hair and they might not need a haircut until their toddlerhood which is around two yeas old.

As a parent you might think that taking your child to have his first haircut at the barbers is the cutest thing ever. However, the little bloke might be feeling totally different about this new experience. He will be wrapped up in a cape, sitting on a big chair, unexpected spray on the head with water from a squirt bottle, music, chatter, unfamiliar sounds and smells. It can be a lot to take in and all these new things can upset your child in the barber shop. 

That is why we suggest you do not make it a surprise trip, follow on for the best advise on giving them the heads-up before visiting the barbers for the first time.

1. Be a Role model

Before visiting the barber shop, talk to him about how, when and where he is going to have a haircut. Tell him what he will see at the barber shop, you can have a simple but fun role play at home with your child. Show him a cape like he is going to wear and what the scissors look like. Have some fun playing with a squirt bottle, and pretend to trim his hair with your fingers. 

Taking him to a hair salon or a barber shop so that he can watch you have a haircut and be a role model is a great way to prepare him for his own first experience.

2. No Hungry Boys

Consider the the best time to visit the barber shop for your child. For most babies and toddlers we recommend the morning time after his meal. This way they have woken up fresh from their night time sleep and are with their full stomach. Making sure that they are not tired and hungry will help keep them comfortable and give them the best chance at a positive first experience.

3. His Big Day

Don’t forget his favourite books or a digital screen to help keep him occupied during his haircut. If he has difficulty settling you might want to sit him on your lap so that he is not alone and feels your support, after all those clippers can be pretty scary.

4. Talk to Our Barbers

Picking a cool style for your child’s very first hair styling can be an exciting time for parents. We encourage you to talk to our professional barbers for their opinions on choosing the best hair styles that will be achievable in your young man's hair. Always good to match to his features and compliment his fun-loving personality.

5. Zip Lock

Some parents like to keep their child's first lock of baby hair as a memento. If this is going to be you, don’t forget to bring your baby hair keep-safe and also a camera or phone to capture this precious moment of him at the barber shop for his very first time.