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We are pleased to announce that our Barber Industries Concept Store is now open at shop 35 in the Orange City Centre.

The former Myer site in Summer Street has undergone a major redevelopment that has reinvigorated the centre and positioned it as a prime shopping destination within the broader region.

We are excited to be bringing you the Traditional Barbershop Culture and Concept Store Experience of Barber Industries. We are looking forward to sharing with you the skills of our Master Barbers and the special experience that they create with every service. We look forward to building a local following of loyal and clients from within the community of Orange and also the broader surrounding region.

What we offer at our Barbershops is something special, it is a unique experience and a time to reset and refresh, a visit to Barber Industries will become the part of your routine that you look forward to and savour most.

Good things are happening in the Orange City Centre and there is good times to be had at our Barber Industries Store. Come in and see the team on your your next trip into town, we will get you looking and feeling your best.


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    Shop 35 Orange City Centre
    190 Anson Street, Orange NSW 2800

Barbershop Blog


June 11, 2022

At the time of writing it is bloody freezing cold. There is a bucket load of snow falling on the Snowies and we figure it’s a good time to start talking about beards for winter. Why beards? Because they keep your chops warm, make you look rugged and you can grow for a good cause too. Read on for some barbershop advice on growing this winter.
Beard Grooming At Barber Industries Orange

Get An Early Start

Growing a big, thick and bountiful beard isn’t as easy as just not shaving. It takes time, dedication and discipline. Men’s facial hair grows at roughly half an inch per month, so it takes a good chunk of the year for bushy results. Ideally, you want to start growing early Autumn for a thick and luxurious winter coat. 

Keep It Groomed

Soon after ditching the razor, a man will be faced with the dread of the beard itch, this can be a testing time for even the most ambitious of gentleman. Many a man has given away his beardly aspirations because of unbearable beard itch. Alas, the daily use of quality beard oil and regular cleansing with a beard wash will do away with the scourge and have a man growing think and fast while staying comfortable.

For the best beard oils, balms and wash, come see the team at Barber Industries Orange City Centre, we have a range of barbershop only brands and can provide the intermittent trimming and sculpting needed to ensure that your growth is even, shaped and stylish.

Beard Trim At Barber Industries Orange

Grow For The Greater Good

For those triumphant gentleman who are growing a beard that is worth talking about, we encourage you to check out ‘Beard Season’ online. This is a place where you can put your winter growth to work for the greater good. Consider signing up as an ambassador to use your beard prowess as a conversation starter and an in your face reminder for Aussies to get a skin check. 

It is for a great cause and worth checking out by clicking here →

Got Questions?

If you have any questions or need quality products for your beard grooming routine, get in and see our team of master barbers, we are open seven days a week at Barber Industries Orange City Centre.