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April 22, 2023

Here at Barber Industries Orange, our master barbers have been cutting hair for long enough to become well-versed in interpreting customers' specific requests for haircuts. Not everything translates though and sometimes a client uses terminology without a correct understanding of the words they're using. We can't expect everyone to know the professional terms, and that is why we have put together an article with some easy steps to help you better communicate with your barber and get exactly what you want.

Barber - Orange City Centre

Try to be specific in your requests

When describing the look you want, try to be specific. Avoid vague or generic descriptions like “short on the sides, longer on the top.” Instead, use specific measurements or lengths. Use your fingers as a reference point to indicate your preferred length, like “I want the sides to be this long” and show the barber with your thumb and finger.

Avoid confusion and bring a photo along

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well bringing a photo is definitely one of the best ways to communicate to your barber the exact type of hairstyle you want.

With a photo on hand, your barber can easily visualise the look without the need for you to try and explain everything in fine detail.

Put your trust in your barber

Finally, take advantage of your barber's experience by asking for advice. Our barbers have cut tens of thousands of haircuts and can give expert advice on what would look good on you. Trust their opinion, and allow them to guide you through the haircutting process for a truly personalised result.

A quick recap

Getting a perfect haircut is an art form and it requires clear and effective communication with your barber. Learning the lingo can be difficult, so best to be specific, bring a photo and don't be afraid to ask your barber for advice if you want the best result.