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April 6, 2022

Having a great beard is one thing but having beard itch is another thing altogether. Beard itch is an uncomfortable nuisance at best and like an agonising torture at worse. This nagging sensation can be caused by a broad range of factors. Find out what causes beard itch, how to avoid it and how to prevent it from returning in the future with some helpful barbershop advise.

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What Are The Causes Of Beard Itch?

A variety of factors may contribute to beard itch, these include poor hygiene, dryness, beardruff, contact dermatitis and ingrown hairs. On top of these factors the use of the wrong types of grooming soaps and chemicals may increase irritation. In other cases, itchiness in the beard may be an indication of a more serious problem, including fungal and bacterial infections. 

What is the best relief from beard itch?

Having an itchy beard may be a real pain in the neck. ( Pun Intended : ) To best remedy the situation you’ll require a basic grooming regimen as well as some high-quality grooming products. No matter the cause of the itch, the cure remains the same, exfoliate, cleanse and moisturise. 

How to best prevent against beard itch?

Prevention is better cure, or in this case, prevention is the same as the cure. Keep your face and beard clean by cleansing with a beard wash on a regular basis. Instead of using normal soap or shampoo, be sure to use a high quality beard wash or cleanser, which are more suited to facial hair and delicate facial skin. Use a beard brush to exfoliate daily and consider using an exfoliation scrub, American Crew make a great one that we recommend. Lastly, apply beard oil or moisturiser after every shower or as often as needed.

A Final Word

The routine outlined above may seem straightforward but the fact of the matter is that not enough men cleanse, exfoliate or moisturise, it’s why beard itch is so widespread. Overall, the best grooming for your beard comes from using the best grooming products and the best grooming products are available here at Barber Industries Orange City Centre. Come in and see the team seven days a week.