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May 31, 2020

Men’s hairstyles are traditionally towards the spectrum of short to razor length. A majority of the male population prefers having neatly cropped hair because it’s easy to maintain, neat, and it’s cooler in the warmer months. There are however those of us sporting long locks and it is not only accepted to grow long but also considered to be damn stylish if you know how to rock the look.
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Unlike shorter styles, long hair is actually difficult to maintain. Poor maintenance routines can make for a messy frock of hair, ruining all the effort of growing it out in first place. Knowing how to best maintain it can really help it shine in all its glory. To help you in that regard,

Here are four men’s styling tips you can follow to properly groom and maintain your long hair:

Nourish your hair

One of the most important factors in caring for your hair is nourishment. Using men’s products—such as conditioner, oils, and hydrating treatments—aren’t merely for your hair’s aesthetics, but it’s also to keep it strong and healthy.

By undergoing a nourishing regimen, you assure the best lustre and health for your hair. A healthy appearance doesn’t only look amazing, but it also makes for tougher strands that can withstand breakage and frizzing.

Don’t always use shampoo

Using shampoo when you take a shower is a basic practice, but doing so every day can actually ruin your hair. Know that shampoo dries up your scalp, stripping away the natural protective oils and nutrients that are found in your hair.

For warmer climates, your locks tend to get oily and botched together without frequent use of regular shampoo, which is why there are dry shampoo products. Dry shampoo is the perfect in-between shower solution for removing away excess dirt and oil.

Be careful when drying

The most common method of hair drying would be to aggressively rub your head with a towel. This practice, however, is highly damaging for your hair, possibly tangling them together or causing them to break off. Drying with an air blower is usually much better, but be aware that hot air drying can also be damaging.

Avoid wearing caps or using ties and headbands

Caps, hair ties, and headbands can easily damage your hair if using the wrong types or if used excessively. Caps can store and build up the heat on your head, which can damage your hair. Ties and headbands, on the other hand, can pull and snag on your hair, causing breakage. Limit the use of them as much as possible and try leaving it down when you’re only at home.


Men’s hair is more delicate than many expect, especially when sporting a long hairstyle. Proper care and maintenance won’t only keep your hair healthy, it will also bring the best shine and sleek style that will complete your overall look.