Barbershop Blog


August 26, 2022

The barbershop has long been a safe haven for men, a place to find a listening ear and a place where a little chin wag can work wonders. Here at Barber Industries Orange we are getting behind the RUOK movement and encouraging everyone to keep an eye out for the signs that a friend or family member may need to hear the question R U OK?

RUOK - Making it normal to ask the question.

There has always been a part of the masculine culture where weakness has been hidden, men show a brave face, grit their teeth and reluctantly reach out for help, even when the going gets too bloody tough to bare. That is why the RUOK movement is such a great initiative and why it is helping more and more men through difficult times every year.

What is RUOK day?

RUOK day is a national day of action that reminds Australians that every day is a day to ask the question, “are you OK?”

Men don’t often reach out for help, but when the question is asked it can stimulate a constructive conversation that just may change things for someone who is struggling with the rigours of life.

How to know when someone may need help?

Trust your gut, if you get the feeling that someone you know is acting out of sorts or is not their usual self, it may be a sign that something is troubling them and it might be time to trust your instincts and ask the question: “are you OK?”

How to ask R U OK?

It is important to be relaxed, friendly and genuinely concerned when asking. Some people will not want to talk about their issues and that is fine and you must remember that, don’t push the point. If they don’t want to talk, don’t criticise them. Outline the changes that you have noticed in their behaviour and reassure them that you care and have a listening ear if they need it. If they do share,  listen with an open mind and try to encourage action that can lead to a positive changes and a path forward.

Remember that sometimes there are conversations that a far too big for family and friends alone and sometimes it can be the best advise to recommend the help of a professional.

RUOK Day takes place on the 8th September this year, be sure to check in with friends and family to ask R U Ok?