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Westfield Miranda has just about everything when it comes to specialty shops and services and the shopping precinct just wouldn't be complete without one of the countries leading teams of barbers on offer in house. That team of barbers can be found here at the Barber Industries Concept Store, we are a team craftsman trained to the highest calibre and have earn't a reputation as the regions leading professionals, we proudly offer a traditional barbershop experience that can only be found at Barber Industries.

Let the team perfect your masculine look as you experience the timeless art of men's grooming. From a quick hair cut and beard trim through to intricate style cuts and hot towel shaves, from old school to ultra modern styles, what you ask for is what you get, our approach is positive, comfortable and our services are always delivered with the greatest care and attention to the finest detail.

We have a great range of men's grooming equipment and treatment products available in store, there are many great gift ideas that would be perfect for any man or manly youth.  Can't decide on what that perfect gift will be?, we also have gift vouchers available.

We are open seven days a week on level 1 in Westfield Miranda. We welcome everyone and offer rates for kids, students, seniors and pensioner cards, see our services section for daily trading hours and for our full price list on hair cuts, beard & shaving treatments.

Come see Danny and the team of Master Barbers at Barber Industries Miranda.


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Great haircuts. Stylish fast and a good crew of lads. Thanks Omar for the fresh cut. My boy Xav looks sharp also. Just moved to town found our new barber shop. See you again boys.

5 Star Google Rating
Cameron Scales
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I’ve been getting my hair cut here for a couple of months now by Hasan the barber there. He does a great job, takes his time and is very friendly. I have never been disappointed by his service. I would recommend this place to anyone!

5 Star Google Rating
James Prasad
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Brilliant. Simply Brilliant. A famous actor recommended Barber Industries Miranda to me after I asked him who cut his hair as it looked so damn good! Andre the boss (who wears the coolest Gold rim glasses) really looked after me. They are the best!

5 Star Google Rating
Curly Watson
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Barbershop Blog


October 17, 2020

With Movember fast approaching and the movement now entering its eighteenth year, we thought it would be a good time to take a closer look at the moustache and try to track down the evolution of the manly adornment through history.
Errol Flynn with his trademark pencil moustacheBritish Army Soldiers had to grow moustaches as part of the uniform from 1860 to 1916.The Pazyryk Horseman with his clear moustacheEgyptian Prince Rahotep - The earliest evidence of a moustache that we could find.
Why Moustache?

Like all the fashion trends that we see come and go, (and sometimes come again), the moustache has had a shifting popularity over time. The word "moustache" is French, and according to Encyclopaedia Britannica, it is derived from the fourteenth century Italian word “moustacio”, this in turn, can be traced all the way back to the Hellenistic Greek word for lip.

The First Moustache

From our digging around, it appears that the earliest instance of a clearly defined mo appeared on the upper lip of an ancient Egyptian prince named Rahotep. He was 4th Dynasty which dates his mo back to about 2500BC. His statue appears with wife Nofret at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

Egyptian Prince Rahotep With Moustache

The Pazyryk Horseman

Running second to the prince by about twenty two hundred years is the Pazyryk Horseman. Hailing from high up in Siberia’s Altai Mountains is Pazyryk, a region close to the borders of China, Kazakhstan and Mongolia. The Horseman with his well defined mo appears on a felt artefact that is dated at 300BC. The felt, that was frozen in time, was excavated from a tomb and is now in the State Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg.

The Pazyryk Horseman

The Military Mo

Taking another leap forward, we find ourselves in the 1800’s and seemingly at the peak of the moustache’s popularity. The mo had become so popular within the world’s military forces that it was commonly used to tell the difference between military men and normal civilians. From 1860 to 1916, it was actually mandatory for British soldiers to grow a moustache as part of their dress regulation. It would appear that the necessity of a gas mask during the first world war likely caused a rule change.

British Army Poster - Soldier With Large Moustache

The Errol Flynn

Forward into the twentieth century and Australian born actor Errol Flynn was womanising his way to world stardom and donning a sleek and sexy looking mo along the way. By the the 60’s and 70’s the mo was well and truely hitting it’s straps again. There were numerous Hollywood celebrities that were fashioning the look before the popularity waned again.

Errol Flynn with his trademark pencil moustache

The Mo Bro

After a few relatively dormant decades, a couple of blokes got together for a quiet beer in a Melbourne pub. Subsequently, Movember was launched and it quickly took the world by storm. The Mo was back and in the interest of men’s health it now makes a comeback every November.

Movember is an annual event that is ran by The Movember Foundation. Moustaches are grown to raise much needed funds for research projects and to raise awareness of men's health issues. To get involved in this years event or for more information head over to: