The Hunter's Finest Barbershop At Rutherford Marketplace

Barber Industries now has a new barbershop open in Rutherford, located at Shop T14A Rutherford Marketplace. We are extremely proud to be growing our presence in the Hunter Valley and to be able to deliver our concept store experience to more people in the region. We believe that a trip to the barbershop is about more than just a service, that is why we focus on the complete customer experience, an experience that is a modern day delivery of age old customs and traditional techniques.

We are open seven days a week and are conveniently located near Woolworths. We offer special rates for kids, seniors, pensioners and are open for late night trade every Thursday night. Bookings are not required, simply come in, relax and enjoy yourself knowing that we strive to provide the best barbershop service in the whole of Australia.


  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
  • Christmas Day
  • New Years Day
  • Easter Sunday


  • Mens Cut
  • Kids
  • Senior/Pensioner
  • Buzz/ Clipper
  • Zero Fade
    extra $5
  • Beard Trim
    from $10
  • Hot Towel Shave
  • Beard Line Up & Trim
  • Hair Cut & Shave
  • Hair, Beard Line Up & Trim


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  • Barbershop Locations
    Shop T14A Rutherford Marketplace
    1 Hillview St, Rutherford NSW 2320

Barbershop Blog


May 31, 2023

A trip to the barbershop has become more than just a "tidy up” and generally most blokes are quite specific about their goals. The trouble for many guys is actually communicating their wishes to the barber. It is one thing to see the hairstyle your desire in the street but a different challenge to relay that description correctly at the barbershop. Knowing how to ask is the key. So read on because in today’s article we talk all about the popular fade hair cutting technique. This is a mainstay in modern men’s hairstyles so understanding this technique may help you get the haircut you truly desire.

Men's Mid Fade Haircut

Let's start by exploring the origins of the fade, the different types of fades and the most popular fade hairstyles today.

The Origin And Evolution Of The Fade Hairstyle For Men

The fade really hit the scene and became a mainstream trend on the back of the rise of hip hop in the late 1980s. Barbers began experimenting with techniques and the resulting fade hairstyles were popularised by rappers and pop icons of the era. Since then, fade hairstyles have evolved into a modern mainstay in men's hair design and are incorporated in endless ways.

The Different Types Of Fade Hairstyles

This is the part where you want to pay attention!

So, we are talking about the back and side of the head and the term ‘fade’ actually refers to an altering of the natural hairline. This is done with a gradation of hair length and a seamless transition between hair to skin. The hair 'fades' away to the skin so there is no evident hairline.

The fade can be a zero fade, where the hair is blended to zero with no guard on the clippers.


A skin fade, where a shaver or razor blade is used for an extremely clean transition right down to smooth skin.
Image Showing The Difference Between A Zero Fade And Skin Fade

The fade can be a low, mid or high depending on how high up on the head the gradation is.

With a low fade this transition takes place just above the ear and at the nape of the neck. For a medium fade it is higher up on the head but still dropping down at the back. A high fade brings the transition right up above the temples at the front and up towards the crown of the head at the back.

Men's High Fade Hairstyle
Men's High Fade Hairstyle
Men's Mid Fade Hairstyle
Men's Mid Fade Hairstyle
Men's Low Fade Hairstyle
Men's Low Fade Hairstyle

A burst fade is when the transition is cut in a circular fashion.

This is usually cut around the ear from the temple to the neck and commonly used to create a faux-hawk style haircut. It is also sometimes cut just at the temple known as a burst temple fade.

Men's Burst Fade Hairstyle
Men's Burst Fade Hairstyle

The Fade Cutting Technique In Modern Hairstyles

The fade has truly become a hallmark of modern barbering and has been incorporated into the hairstyles for men of all ages. A currently trending development is the mullet hairstyle with a fade cut at the temples. Another fashion-forward style is the mid-to-high fade with a crop top. Lastly, the burst fade is also becoming increasingly popular, especially cut high around both sides and worn with a sharp, angular neckline.

Men's High Fade With Textured Crop Top Hairstyle
Men's High Fade With Textured Crop Top
Boys Mid Fade Hairstyle With Pattern
Boys Mid Fade Hairstyle With Pattern
Mullet Hairstyle With Mid Temple Fade
Mullet Hairstyle With Mid Temple Fade