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The Hawkesbury's Best Barbershop

At the foot of the Blue Mountains you will find one of our Barber Industries Concept Stores in Richmond. With the towns historic charm it is the perfect location for a barbershop rich in its own tradition, a store with a modern day delivery of age old customs and barbershop culture, a home of grooming for modern masculinity, manly youth and even for the littlest of blokes.

From old school to ultra modern styles, what you ask for is what you get, our approach is positive, comfortable and our services are always delivered with the greatest care and attention to detail. Touch up your hair line and keep your style on point or indulge in the kings shave with hot towels and a face massage. Our team of professional barbers are craftsman of the highest degree and you are in the hands of the Hawkesbury's finest tradesman when you are with us.

We offer a great selection of men's treatment and grooming products, many of which make great gift ideas, if your unsure about the products or their suitability for your man just ask the staff, if you can't decide or are overwhelmed by the selection we have vouchers available and they are always the perfect gift.

We are open seven days a week and are conveniently located at Shop 26 in the Richmond Marketplace. See our services section for daily trading hours and for a full list of our rates on hair cuts, beard treatments & shaves. Come for a visit and enjoy the Barber Industries Experience.


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  • Christmas Day
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  • Men's Style Cut
  • Skin Fade
  • Kids
  • School Student
  • Seniors Card
  • Pensioner
  • Crew Cut
  • Beard Trim
  • Beard Trim & Line Up
  • Hot Towel Shave


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Good haircut, comfortable chair, in and out quick.

5 Star Google Rating
Daniel Moton
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Very good service & very friendly. I am so happy for my haircut  🤗best barber

5 Star Google Rating
Mick Helwe
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By far the best barber shop in the area, I highly recommend this place 👍👍

5 Star Google Rating
Amir Karimkhani
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  • Barbershop Locations
    Shop 26 Richmond Marketplace
    78 March St, Richmond NSW 2753

Barbershop Blog


August 5, 2020

First Impressions have never been more important than in today’s fast paced world. How you present yourself is make or break in so many important situations. Nothing helps to say that ‘this bloke means business’ more than a freshly cut, clean and contemporary hairstyle. Finding a barber that you can trust to deliver on this is imperative, but hanks to our team of master barbers, an incredible haircut is never far away.
Sydney's Best BarbersWhy we are Sydney's Best BarbersThe Best Barbershops in Sydney

Not everyones expectations are the same when visiting the barbershop. Some blokes are satisfied with a quick once over, while others endeavour to find the best service that money can buy. Not all barbers are made equal either and there are definitely some things that separate the elite from their lesser counterparts. Today we lay down some of the facts that can help you to understand what makes the Barber Industries team the best barbers in Sydney.

There are many people who make the mistake of confusing barbers with hairdressers or hairstylists. Even the term ‘hair salon’ is sometimes thrown around instead of “barbershop” and often they are thought to be one and the same. However, the reality is quite the contrary. They are intrinsically different by design and they serve quite different demographics. Hair salons have staff and facilities aimed primarily at woman, they are great for hair trimming or to serve your girlfriend’s hair spa needs.

If your looking for a grooming service designed for the needs of men, you need to see a full service barbershop. This is where we come in, our network of barbers, are specially trained to deliver not only custom haircuts but a complete range of grooming services for modern men. This extends into traditional wet shaves as well as beard trimming and sculpting. These are services that must be delivered from highly skilled barbers and that is one thing absent from any hair salon and unfortunately also many barbershops. The thing to remember here is to steer well away from generic hair salons, if you wan’t a legitimate men’s service you should come to a legitimate men’s barbershop. We have a team of the best barbers in Sydney and you can trust them to provide a service that stands out from the crowd in today’s busy world.

We understand that the men of today wan’t autonomy, they wan’t to be unique and put ownership on their own style. To serve this, you will find our barbers very receptive to questions and feedback. We are service orientated and it is through conversations that we can establish your specific styling wishes as well as share our professional advice. We wan’t you to leave the barbershop looking and feeling your absolute best, so we will ask for your input and offer the solutions on how to best to achieve your goals.

Great barbers know how to work with others in the barbershop. No, we don’t mean two barbers cutting your hair together. We mean that they are respectful of each other’s space and they know how to create that special vibe that adds to the experience when you visit us here at Barber Industries. They know when to chime in, when to have a joke and when to be a listening ear.

Having a team that thrive off of each other is a key in the success story of providing a service that is a cut above the rest.



July 15, 2020
In today’s age, where different types of information can be found in various corners of the Internet, you will almost always run into rumours or speculations that challenge scientific truth. Hair myths are just as easy to find with the various sources that claim that they’re real. This ‘Fake News’ is why you should know when to be doubtful of the things that you read on the internet. Today we will debunk four popular and inaccurate hair myths from across the Internet.
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June 7, 2020
The idea of a safe space is one that can vary depending on what situation men are in, where they want to go, or what they’re trying to escape from. Some men might see their kitchens as a safe space, while others seek refuge in a pub sipping away their worries. Yet, the traditional barbershop has always been an area where men can enter in their time of grooming needs but also find that sacred space that is truly theirs.
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February 1, 2020
It might be happening relatively slow and it might have taken on some more creative and contemporary forms along the way but there is no doubting that ‘the mullet’ is on the comeback. Slowly but surely it’s creeping back onto the scene and with every brave adopter the old mullet’s resurgence gains a little more momentum.
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