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We are open seven days a week with late night trade and cuts until 9pm every Thursday night. We stock all your grooming essentials as well as specialty products for men, we have great gift ideas and gift vouchers too.

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Kids Chair

A trip to the barbershop just became a whole lot more exciting for the young toddler boys of Hornsby!!

Thanks to our flashy new wheels and specialty barber chair, the young fellas can kick back in style and before they know it they will be looking fresh and ready to roll.

A great way to add some extra excitement to the experience and help keep the little men entertained.


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Barbershop Blog


June 21, 2023

Burst fade hairstyles have been one of the most popular trends for men and boys in recent times. This popularity shows no signs of slowing down either, as more and more people are opting for hairstyles that involve this modern hair cutting technique. So what is a burst fade and what are the latest trends in burst fade hairstyles amongst young adults and teenagers alike?

Burst Fade Hairstyle For Men And Boys

In this article, we will outline the characteristics of a burst fade hairstyle and take a closer look at what makes these haircuts so unique. We’ll be exploring some of the latest trends in burst fade hairstyles for men of all ages and we will provide some images of these bold and contemporary looks, let's go!

What is a burst fade haircut?

A burst fade is a type of fade haircut, so first, up let's explain what that is.

A fade haircut is achieved by tapering the hair right down to the skin at a point above the natural hairline, effectively shifting the hairline above it's natural position. It looks as though the hair 'fades' away.

With a burst fade, the fade is cut in a semicircular shape. So you know the fade is a burst fade if it is cut in this shape. Typically the burst fade is cut around the ear on the sides of the head, or, in front and above the ear at the temple, as for a burst taper fade.

This cutting technique can be used to create a low burst fade, mid burst fade, high burst fade or something like a high burst taper fade. These are all burst fades but have different nuances. It all depends on how high up they are and where they are positioned on the head.

Mid Burst Fade - Note the circular shape of the fade
Mid Burst Fade

Burst Taper Fade With Mullet
Burst Taper Fade With Mullet

What are the latest trends in burst fade haircuts?

Much of the drive behind the popularity in burst fade hairstyles stems from the popularity of the modern mullet.

This is due to the fact that the key elements of each hairstyle work in unison and compliment each other so well.

With any mullet haircut, either long or short, you have some kind of length of hair at the nape of the neck. Then, with any kind of burst fade being cut only on the sides, it naturally and perfectly leads into creating a mullet hairstyle.

Let's take a look at some of the trending burst fades...

Burst Fade With Mid Length Mullet

The burst fade is cut high up around the ear on the sides of the head and drops down into a mid length mullet at the nape of the neck.

High Burst Fade With Mid Length Mullet

Burst Taper Fade With Short Hair Mullet

Cut in at the temples, this burst taper fade gives away to a short hair mullet at the back, a very contemporary look.

Burst Taper Fade With Short Hair Mullet

Low Burst Fade With Long Hair Mullet

A low burst fade cut around the ear with a radical long hair mullet.

Burst Taper Fade With Long Hair Mullet

Cut at the temples, this burst taper fade leads to a longer mullet at the back, demonstrating the versatility of this combination.

Burst Taper Fade With Long Hair Mullet

Burst Fade Mohawk / Fauxhawk

The burst fade mohawk or fauxhawk is another hairstyle where the key elements come together perfectly, complimenting each other for a bold hairstyle.

Burst Fade Mohawk / Fauxhawk

Burst Taper Fade With Blowout

This one is growing in popularity and is a burst fade haircut that's perfect for curly haired guys.

Burst Taper Fade With Blowout

Mid Burst Fade With Afro

The burst fade works well in all hair types and the afro is no exception, in fact this fade works amazing on afro hair.

Low Burst Fade With Afro

A Final Word From The Barber

That's a wrap for this one, if you have any questions or you are ready to give one of these trendy burst fade hairstyles a crack, get in and see Ronnie and the team here at Barber Industries Westfield Hornsby.