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August 8, 2020

We have all been affected by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Many of us have put our lives on hold. Some of us have lost jobs and a few of us have even lost loved ones. In order to survive this pandemic, we all need to take some time to adjust to the situation and look for ways to cope. Here are three ways to help you keep it all together while the world gets turned upside down around us.
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Reach out

In these stressful times, we need all the support that we can get. Due to stringent but necessary physical distancing and quarantine measures, there are many of us that need to make do with being connected online. While messaging apps and social media are no replacement for physical contact, we can augment that void by reaching out to our friends and family more frequently.

It’s a good idea to make the habit of asking about someone’s day, or encouraging somebody to open up about things that bother them. It’s not necessarily about providing solutions to certain problems, in fact, most of the time people just need to have somebody to talk to.

With the pandemic putting a halt on many of our life’s plans, we can make the most of our free time by making sure that people know that they are not alone. Through this process of reaching out and connecting with others we may also come to the realisation that we are not alone.

Do some self care

Make a habit of keeping up your grooming routine and ritual, even if you’re working from home in your pyjamas and not leaving the house. Take the time saved in travelling to work as a blessing and try to utilise that time for some self care. Squeeze in some exercise or get a little zen with some relaxation and meditation techniques, this can help keep your anxiety and stress levels down, which helps to keep your immune system healthy.

No need to stay cooped up at home the whole time either, make sure you get in and see us for your usual haircut and hot towel shave, we are still open seven days a week in Stockland Greenhills. Do it, make the most of the relaxed restrictions in NSW while they last, because who knows if we end up in full lockdown like Victoria sometime soon. A fresh cut will get you looking good, which leads to feeling good and that is as important as ever.

Set some boundaries

It’s important to keep yourself informed about what’s going on. Fighting this pandemic will require informed communities who understand what it takes to curb the spread of the virus.

However, the barrage of negativity that so often comes with the news can be overwhelming. Coupled with feelings of isolation, this negativity can lead to stress, anxiety, and even depression. A good way to combat this is to limit your exposure to stressors.

Helpful boundaries may mean temporarily signing off of social media. You can also ask friends and family members to limit conversations about the ongoing pandemic and economic recession that will inevitably follow.

To be clear, you should not be avoiding these discussions entirely. However, in trying to weather through the pandemic, it’s best to cut a clear line between being informed and becoming mentally compromised.


Naturally, it’s okay to experience stress and anxiety. After all, this pandemic is far from over and it does presents a real live danger. However, it’s important to look for the silver lining in every situation. If you have the luxury to do so, you should use this time to reflect, reconnect with friends and family, and adopt a routine of healthy habits. This way, you’ll be in a much better position to weather through the pandemic and the ongoing challenges that it presents.

When visiting the barbershop you will notice that there are some new safety measures to take before entering. We are a Covid Safe establishment and in keeping up the highest safety standards we have new precautionary systems in place. Please follow all staff instructions. We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to these necessary steps, they work to keep us all Covid Safe.