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March 26, 2023

Gone are the days when the majority of men walked into a barbershop and asked for a tidy up. Today, men are more demanding and want to stay up-to-date with the latest hairstyle trends. One trend is the fade cutting technique which has become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. In this article, we will discuss the origins of the fade, the different types of fades and the most popular fade hairstyles today.

The Historical Roots Of Fade Hairstyles For Men

Fade styles have been around for a long time but we can trace the popularity back to the late 80s when hip hop culture brought the styles into the mainstream. Barbers experimented with techniques and the resulting fade styles were popularised by the rappers and pop icons of the era. Since then, fade styles have evolved in different ways and the fade technique has been incorporated into an endless array of modern men’s hairstyles.

The Different Forms Of The Fade Cutting Technique

The term ‘fade’ refers to the altering of the natural hairline by gradually reducing the hair length on the sides and or back of the head. To cut a low fade, the barber will transition the length of the hair into the skin just above the ear and nape of the neck. A medium fade will be a little higher up on the head and still dropping down at the back. The high fade will bring the hairline right up above the temples at the front and up high towards the crown of the head at the back. A burst fade is when the fade is cut in a circular fashion.

Various Fade Hairstyles For Men

A zero fade means the barber will blend the hair down to a zero, or no guard on the clippers. A skin fade means the barber will use a shaver or razor blade to transition right down to smooth skin.

The Fade Cutting Technique In Popular Modern Hairstyles

The fade has truly developed into a mainstay of modern barbering and the technique has been incorporated into endless hairstyles. In the most contemporary of trends, we see a fade of some kind requested in almost every haircut, especially with boys, teenagers and young men. A mullet hairstyle with a fade at the temples is a trending hairstyle and a request we get all the time here at Barber industries in Stockland Greenhills. A mid to high fade with a crop top is another fashion forward style. Lastly, the burst fade is becoming increasingly popular, especially when cut around the ears on the side of head to leave a little length on the nape of the neck for a short mullet.