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February 10, 2020

On the 29th of February 2020, the proudest of all the ‘mullet heads’ from around the country and the world will converge on the Chelmsford Hotel in Kurri Kurri. They will be coming from near and far for the third annual Mulletfest and they will be pitching their hair styles against one another in a battle royale like no other.
Mulletfest 2020 Mulletfest 2020 Mulletfest 2020 Mulletfest 2020

Here at the barbershop we have seen the mullet making a real comeback in recent times.

One of the things that makes the style so special is that it is so versatile. There are endless possibilities with how it can be worn and everyone seems to own their own special version of it.

The team has been crafting many modern takes on the old classic and there is some real popularity growing around the zero fade styles. There are also a lot of traditionalist starting to come in and get themselves trimmed up and ready for this years Mulletfest event.

Mulletfest is a celebration of the unique ‘mullet’ hair style and the fun-loving atmosphere that goes with it. In the 2018 inaugural year they ended up with over 150 entrants and there was a worldwide reaction with media coverage that spanned around Australia and to countries including  Russia, The UK and Croatia.

Now entering the third instalment of the event, the contestants will compete across ten different categories for the ultimate title. There are four junior age group categories and for the adults there are six with vintage, grubby, extreme, international, everyday and a special ‘ranga’ category that is just for the red heads.

All the competition entrants are judged on their haircut as well as their overall presentation and stage presence. The person with the “Best Mullet Of Them All” will be crowned the worthy winner on the day and will be taking home that very special and quite unique accolade.

The event is making an impact globally but also doubles up as a fundraiser that supports local charities and those in need here in the local community.

To get involved in this years event or to show your support through sponsorship, head to