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July 21, 2020

When choosing a hairstyle, it can be tempting to go with the latest trend. For many others, they will try to emulate the hairstyle of their favourite celebrity or sports hero. There is nothing wrong with this and for many it feels good to be on the pulse and to be sporting the latest look. While people are always free to make their own choices, sometimes it is a good idea to take some advise from your barber.
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A good barber knows which hairstyles will suit you and this is based off of their wealth of experience and usually one other key factor: the shape of your face. Nevertheless, it’s still best to have a clear idea of what you want before you enter a barbershop. You should then discuss these goals with the barber who could save you the embarrassment of going for a hairstyle that you will never be able to properly pull off.

Today we take a look at which hairstyles are going to fit you based on the shape of your face:

Square Faces

Square faces are generally what people mean when they say that one has a “well-chiselled face.” Considered as more masculine than other face shapes, square faces often accentuate symmetrical features and have well-defined jawlines. They are one of the easiest shapes to work with, and will generally do well with both short and long hairstyles, from buzz cuts to pompadours. With square faces the shorter styles keep everything sharp whereas longer styles can soften the features.

Round Faces

Men with round faces can benefit from haircuts that add definition. The key is to add volume and bulk by introducing different layers to their locks. Examples of haircuts that help give round face types more personality are quiffs and side parts. Men with this face shape can also try to grow their hair longer and use an asymmetric pattern to add more definition. Round face types also benefit from growing prominent facial hair, provided that they are carefully groomed and shaped regularly.

Diamond Faces

A diamond face shape is characterised by narrower chins and brows while having more prominent cheekbones. Like its namesake, this face shape is not the most common, and benefits from hairstyles that add fringes on the forehead to add texture. With the right hair type, diamond face shapes will also benefit from growing their hair long enough to tuck behind the ears. Facial hair can also be grown to add more volume to the chin and reduce angularity. For the diamond face type, swept backs, fringes, and even the man bun are recommended.

Rectangle Faces

A rectangular face falls somewhere between an oval and square face type. As a result, most haircuts that are compatible with the latter two can also work with the rectangle shape, with a few tweaks. Because a rectangle face is also considerably longer than other types, it will benefit from balanced haircuts that don’t take too much from the sides nor leave too much volume on the top. Long hairstyles tend to work best with rectangle types, as they soften angles of this face shape, and don't make the face appear narrower than usual.

Like all things in fashion, these guidelines are more suggestions than rules.

With the choices given above, you can start with them for sure, but don’t be afraid to experiment with what makes you look and feel good. Remember that how you feel about yourself always matters more than what society prescribes. The good thing is that most timeless haircuts, such as quiffs and slick backs, is that they will work on just about any shape, which is why they are universal.

Still having doubts about your next hairstyle?

Our team of master barbers will know what’s best for you, come in and talk to the crew, we are always ready to help.