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March 28, 2023

When a man’s hair starts thinning, his natural instinct is usually to try and grow it longer to counter the hair loss. The funny thing about this however, is that it is the complete opposite that is usually the best course of action for concealing it. In this article we outline some of the best hairstyle choices for men with thinning hair, a receding hairline or a bald spot.

The best haircut for guys with thinning hair ultimately depends on factors such as the areas of thinning, the shape of their hairline and their individual preferences. It's important to take these factors into consideration when evaluating options and to find a style that best suits an individuals needs.

"Remember that a professional barber can always work with you to determine a hairstyle that suits your needs and preferences."
The Best Hairstyle Choices For Men With Thinning Hair:

Growing Your Hair To Try And Conceal Hair Loss Is Not The Answer:

A common mistake that is made by men with thinning hair is to try and grow their hair out.

They do this in an attempt to make their hair appear fuller. Unfortunately the longer hair usually makes hair loss more noticeable by drawing attention to the areas with less hair. Similarly, some hairstyles make hair loss more visible than others.

The Best Hairstyle Choices For Men With Thinning Hair:

Short, textured cuts and buzz cuts are two of the best hairstyle options for men with thinning hair.

Keeping hair short allows for smooth blending that conceals and the addition of texture gives a fuller appearance. Buzz cuts work extremely well, especially if you have a receding hairline. Completely shaving your head is also a viable option that can surprisingly look really good on lots of men.

The Best Hairstyle Choices For Men With Thinning Hair:

Styling tips for men with thinning hair:

Adding volume is key when it comes to managing thinning hair.

So products like styling powder or grooming spray are create for creating more density. It is important to use these lightweight products that do not weigh your hair down, avoid using heavy oils or waxes, as they will flatten hair and accentuate the areas that are thinning.

"Hair loss loss can be a challenging experience for men but work with your barber here at Barber Industries Mayfield, embrace a way forward and find a style that makes you feel confident and comfortable."