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June 2, 2020

Are you worried that growing a beard at work might get you fired? Well, you're probably a little too paranoid. See, beards are the ultimate statement that you're a man, and people can rely on you. Just look at history. Many prominent people wore a beard, and they got away with it, so why wouldn't you? Is it because beards are history, making you look like you've just come out of the stone age? Well, that would be right if you didn't take care of your beard properly. A well-groomed beard is a perfect addition to your aesthetics, making you look smart, professional, and manly.

Beard GroomingBeard Line UpKeeping a Well Groomed Beard

That said, here's how you can grow your beard and still be employed:

Be Brave

The first and most important way to grow your beard at your work is to choose to grow it! Shaving it off daily is going to get you nowhere. Remember, you're free to choose. Even if your coworkers and even boss might be against it, your beard is your right. This is your chance to prove to them that beards can look amazing and, in fact, instil confidence in you, making you work better!

Keep it Finely Groomed

A messy beard is not only asking for trouble but is an insult to all those who finely groom their beard every morning before they head on outside. Nothing screams louder than "hey, my beard is dirty" than a neglected beard with flyaways and little bits of your breakfast still attached.

How do you ensure that your beard doesn't insult your fellow employees and employers and, most importantly, not insult the fellow bearded community? Keep it clean and tidy! There are many ways you can go about this but the easiest way is to have a professional tidy up on the regular. Come in and see our Master Barbers, nobody will get you lined up and looking smarter, they have all the knowledge and all the right product too. With a good beard brush and beard oil you will be on your way to a perfectly maintaining your new mane.

Explain in a Kind Manner

Some people believe that beards are dirty and unprofessional in the workplace. Well, it's your opportunity to show such people that a well-groomed beard is an epitome of professionalism.

Point out to them that the beard has no adverse effect on productivity, hygiene, professionalism, and sorts. At the same time, point out to them that a well-groomed beard helps a man feel more confident, which is a great plus to have in any workplace.  

If you run into a situation where the handbook explicitly states that any form of untidy facial hair is prohibited, prove to them that the beard isn't one of those. Walk around with a well-trimmed and sweet-smelling beard, and you'll soon find other men, and perhaps even your male boss who was so against beards in the first place, trying out this new style!

Final Thoughts

The real secret in being able to grow your beard in the workplace without getting yourself fired is to keep it groomed and oiled. That way, your beard will make you look stunning and unique. With the sweet fragrance, no one's going to have a problem talking to you, let alone close and face to face. Let your beard out and proud and inspire all the other men to grow their own!