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August 1, 2020

This Covid-19 Virus has turned out to be a real mongrel and is running rampant through Victoria and there are still new cases popping up here in the South West of Sydney. Right when you think we got through this whole thing relatively unscathed it sticks it’s ugly head back up and starts causing some serious problems again.
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Many of us are being forced back into isolation and this makes a trip to the barbershop impossible. The question then arrises of how to keep your manly locks on point and well groomed in the absence of professional service. Even if you are in lockdown you’re probably still showing your mug to the outside world via zoom or your daily Instagram story.

Let’s take a look at a couple of tips that will help you through these testing times at home:

Don’t cut your own hair

While the temptation to grab the scissors and give yourself a flash cut might run strong, resist the urge and wait it out. After all, the reality is that you will likely butcher it and the hack job will leave you hiding under a beanie until you can finally get back in to see the team at the barbershop.

Keep up the routine

When you’re stuck at home in your pyjamas it is easy to let go of the normal grooming routine and ritual. The break down of the grind cycle makes it easy to forget our usual patterns. Not having to front up to the workplace gives a bloke a good excuse not to shave his stubble, but alas, it should be done and with good reason.

Going through the usual motions and keeping well groomed will help you keep a positive outlook and is a good way to keep yourself heathy on the inside and out. Looking good helps us to feel good and keeping our minds positively charged is a good way to avoid any negative ramifications fo time in locked up in isolation.

Avoid shampooing every day

While good upkeep is recommended, it is possible to over do it. One of the most destructive practices you can do to your hair is to shampoo it every day. While it might seem like an activity you should be doing to keep your hair clean, doing it every time you shower can actually damage it more than you expect. Keep in mind that you should only be shampooing your hair once every other day or two. When you shampoo too often, you're essentially stripping your hair of its natural oils that make it look nice and smooth in the first place.

Use a conditioner

Don’t stop with a quick hit from the shampoo bottle. You might not be too fussed with a two step process when it comes to washing your hair but remember that conditioners are filled with minerals and even proteins that will leave your hair follicles revitalised and strengthened. Using a good conditioner will ensure that your hair stays in tip-top condition and may even see you come out of lock down looking better than ever.

Final thoughts

Focusing on the other side of this pandemic situation is a sure good way to keep your mind in the right place. Keeping up your usual grooming routine will keep you clear of habits that could be hard to break free from once the virus outbreak has subsided and isolation is a thing of the past.

Please stay safe everyone and please remember to adhere to social distancing regulations when visiting the store.