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December 21, 2020

Summer Downunder, arguably the best time of year but not without its obstacles either. We’re talking tropical storms, heatwaves, bushfires, test cricket, all the nasty stuff. There is plenty of good too though and today we break down a blokes guide to surviving the Australian Summer.
Bondi Beach - Sydney NSW AustraliaAustralian Wildlife - KangarooThe Great Ocean Road
Avoiding The Critters

It’s no secret that Australia is home to a lot more nasties than we’d like. Snakes, spiders, crocs, jellyfish, sharks and the list goes on. It’s something to brag about when travelling overseas however it can be a pain in the butt (literally) when trying to enjoy the outdoors. Summer is stinger season in North Queensland and the box jellyfish can kill, it’s a full body suit if entering the water. The hot weather means snakes are at their most active at this time of year, keep half an eye on the ground when outdoors.

Bushwalking In Blue Mountains NSW

The Barber’s Tip: If bushwalking in scrub or long grass, don’t be afraid to stomp your feet, the vibrations will be felt by snakes and this can ward them off your path.

Get Your Feet In The Sand

It’s good to head east and get your feet on the sand every now and then. A good dose of vitamin-k is healthy and a dip in the ocean is good for the soul. The coastal walk from Bondi to Coogee is good exercise and it is easy on the eyes at every turn.

Coastal Walk Bondi To Coogee

The Barber’s Tip: Don’t forget to slip, slop, slap, stay hydrated and always swim between the flags at the beach, ya don’t wanna end up on Bondi Rescue.

Organise A Barbecue 

Choose a location, invite some guests, buy some grub, chill the drinks and then let the good times roll. Mateship is really at the core of the Australian way of life and there’s no better way to bring the gang together than a barbecue with some fancy craft brews, a few snags and some skewered meat. 

The Barber’s Tip: Head down the beach or the park, that way your house won’t get trashed and everyone can enjoy the great outdoors.

Holiday Planning

Australia is huge and the weather in summer can vary greatly. Up in the far north the wet season brings monsoonal rains. In the outback the mercury soars and the heat will melt the rubber off your car tyres. Queensland and W.A will get battered by cyclones and down here in Sydney, well, it’s just perfect most days, except for those forty degrees days out here in the South West.

The Barber’s Tip: If you really have the urge to hit the road, a wise man would head south. Be it Melbourne, Tassie or The Great Ocean Road, they’re all freezing in winter but are sunny and balmy in summer.

The Rona

At the the time of writing the dreaded Rona Virus has sprung back up on the Northern Beaches and looks to be Causing some big dramas as we head towards Christmas. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed and hope that it doesn’t destroy Summer and have us all locked up at home again.

The Barber’s Tip: Give Manly a wide berth and be vigilant with social distancing and hygiene. Get tested if feeling unwell and otherwise have a great Christmas and Happy New Years.