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February 7, 2020

Have you hit the ground running so far in 2020? How’s the upkeep of those new years resolutions? That promise of a new year and a new you can quickly get tested if you let those old habits creep back into the routine. Don’t be making those same old mistakes that had you dealing with a greasy, dry or crusty hair do. We wan’t to see you go forth and crush the new year so we have concocted a list of six common styling mistakes that you should avoid at all cost.

Hair Styling TechniquesHair Styling TechniquesHair Styling TechniquesHair Styling Techniques
Using Inferior Products

There are many cheap and nasty hair products out there and they should be avoided for several good reasons, pop into you local Woolies or the discount chemist and you will see the offenders all lined up. Many contain parabens, sulphites and other nasty artificial ingredients that are no good for your health. Purchasing high quality and reputable products will ensure that you can obtain your desired look and this will also help you to keep a healthy head of hair and a clean scalp. Inferior products will often flake, dry out and let you down during the day.

The quality brands that we stock have been formulated by the best in the business and are far superior to the cheap knock offs, we recommend Uppercut Deluxe, Layrite and American Crew.

Using Too Much product

One common mistake we see all too often is applying too much product to your hair when styling. There is a balance that should be sort after here and it can be achieved with a little self control and guidance. A good starting point is to watch the barber and how they apply the product when styling in store, take note of the quantities used and the technique of emulsification and application.

Styling Wet Hair

Don’t style wet hair! Creams and pastes should generally be applied to damp hair but not to wet hair, applying these to damp hair can provide even distribution and can help to work the product down to the roots. As for Waxes, Pomades and Clays, the best results are achieved when they are applied to dry hair. Once again we suggest learning from the pro’s here, you may have noticed the barber using a hair dryer to shape before adding the product, watch and learn.

Wrong Product For The Style

You probably will have noticed that there are many products that make up a single styling range. Each product serves a different purpose and each should be used to achieve a different result. Before purchasing, check with the barber to see which product or products will best achieve the look that you desire.

Not Utilising A Hair Dryer

If you don’t already, steel your girls hairdryer and give it a run as part of your styling regime. The hairdryer will help to add volume and provides extra hold so you can balance out the use of product. This step will lay the right foundations and help you achieve more complex looks, very helpful for medium to longer lengths.

Not Washing Properly

What goes in, must come out! When using styling products it is important that you wash your hair thoroughly and regularly, this will remove the products and their residues and will leave your hair and scalp healthy and clean. When using wax or oil based products it is important to use a degreasing shampoo that can effectively clean away the product and any build up. We recommend Power Cleanser Style Remover by American Crew and Degreaser Shampoo by Uppercut Deluxe. Always follow up with a quality conditioner.

Ignoring Good Advise

Last but not least, let’s talk about good advise. If you wan’t to achieve the best results then you need to use the best products. We are proud stockists of the industries leading brands and we have a team of professionals that use the products in their work every day. If you wan’t to use superior quality products and get all the right advise, come in and talk to the crew, they know what they are talking about and are always ready to help.