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November 28, 2021

Summer is just days away and we all know that the Australian summer gets bloody hot. On those hot summer days you’ll sweat, probably sweat a lot and this can wreak havoc on your pedantically styled hair. Couple this up with the typical Australian lifestyle over the warmer months and you can start to identify the most suitable hairstyles for the season. Today we break down the best contemporary men’s hairstyles for summer.

Barber Industries Carousel - Skin Fade Hairstyle For SummerBarber Industries Carousel - Skin Fade Hairstyle For SummerBarber Industries Carousel - Skin Fade Hairstyle For Summer

It is safe to say that we we’re pretty lucky with the coming and going of Covid restrictions here in Perth & Peel. Compare our run with the likes of Sydney or Melbourne and ya’ can thank ya’ lucky stars. Let’s hope things stay the same as we usher in the summer and now let’s dive into the topic of the day:

A little barber’s advise on the best men’s hairstyles and some styling tips for coping with those hot summer months and carefree Australian lifestyle.

High & Tight

One of the easiest ways to deal with the heat is to cool off, no i’m not talking about jumping into the surf, I’m talking about cutting off the locks and going short up top, back and sides. Think high skin fade, buzz cut, crew cut or anything you’d expect to see in the military. The best thing about a super short haircut for summer is the ease of maintenance, which there isn’t any, one lick of the beach towel and you’re on you’re way.


For those who prefer to keep a little more length on top, a textured crop or quiff is great because you can style with wax or clay based products and they will not easily wash away when sweating or stuck in a rain shower. Styling powder also works well here, shake and rake for quick styling and lasting hold.

Life's A Beach

Now we come to the blokes who prefer a lot more left on top, well a lot more all over actually. We’re talking long locks and while not as cool or as fast drying as a short crop in the hot weather, long locks do tend to bleach up in the sun and exude style, especially when left salty after getting out of the surf. For those who wish to achieve the same look without first jumping in the ocean, we have the perfect solution in sea salt spray from Uppercut Deluxe or grooming spray from Layrite.