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February 10, 2021

When it comes to choosing a hairstyle for younger boys and toddlers there are a few pain points that need considering. In this article we will outline some the things to think carefully about when taking the young bloke to the barbershop and look at some of the best hairstyles for toddler boys.

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When To Cut - Your Toddlers First Haircut

You have probably heard the term ’baby hair’. This is less commonly knows as vellus hair and is the same fine and almost transparent body hair that you will find on your own arms or on the back of your hands. 

In most babies and toddlers this vellus hair can make up a good percentage of their scalp hair. In most children the thin villus hair is usually completely replaced by thicker, longer and darker adult hair by the time they are about two years old. 

Most toddler boys will be looking like they require a haircut between the ages of one to two years.

Toddler Haircut - Dad and son in barbershop

Suitable Hairstyles - Matching The Hair Type

It is not uncommon for two toddlers of the same age to have wildly different hair types. Hormones and family genetics play a major role in hair growth and one child may have full, thick hair while the other very thin and fine hair. 

When choosing a toddler’s hairstyle it is important to consider these attributes and talk to the barber for advise on what is achievable and what is limited by hair coverage, thickness, length and texture. 

Toddler hairstyles

Scissor Cut - Avoiding The Clippers

For young toddlers a trip to the barbers can be a very daunting experience. The barber not only needs to enter the young man’s personal space but also touch his hair, head and face. For the little men that are not used to being so close to strangers this can all become a little intimidating. 

This situation can quickly turn to tears with the introduction of a pair of buzzing hair clippers. To the young man’s eye the clippers would seemingly sheer away any flesh that fell in front of them and that is why a scissor cut is something to consider. The scissor cut offers a looser more natural  look and this is usually perfect for toddler age boys anyhow.

The Barber Chair - Keeping Them Settled

One of the most difficult issues that arises with toddler haircuts is keeping the young fellas still in the barber chair long enough for the barber to complete the haircut. Doing some prior preparation before coming into the barbershop can really work wonders in preparing the boys, especially if it is going to be their first haircut.

Role play with a mock up haircut at home is a great way to introduce them to the process so that it doesn’t come as a big shock on the day. Wrap them in a towel, spray some water over their head and then use a comb with your fingers to mimic some cutting. 

When the big day rolls around, be sure that they are not over tired and have a full tummy when you bring them in. Tired and hungry boys can be hard to settle and we all want their first barbershop experience to be a good one. A book, phone or tablet can be very handy in keeping them occupied during the service and will help the barber deliver on a cut that will allow your little man’s personality shine bright.