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October 14, 2020

While every blokes body, beard and environment is slightly different, knowing what products are available in the market and how you and your beard can benefit from them remains a constant. Today we break down an essential guide to some of the beard grooming products that our professional barbers use and recommend, dive in for more.

Barber Trimming BeardMan With Sculpted BeardBarber Cutting Beard
Beard Wash

Washing your beard with shampoo every day or using typical supermarket shampoos on your beard can dry it out and also the skin underneath. This can cause irritation, flaky skin and brittle facial hair. Everyones body chemistry is different, however washing 2-3 times a week with a specially formulated beard wash is generally recommended. This will clean with an antiseptic action that gently removes impurities and dirt. Try one of the three fragrances from Proraso’s Single Blade Series, the foams are soft and lasting to soften even the most bristly of beards.

Potien Moisturiser

Tame fly aways and soften hairs to make combing and straightening more manageable. Try Joumia Hair Alive, it is protein enriched and specially formulated as an everyday conditioner between shampoos. Massage the moisturiser into your beard to impart moisture and to protect the hair while blowdrying and straightening.

Foam Cleanser

American Crew's Beard Cleanser is an easy to use and quick absorbing dry foam that is designed to be left in the beard and is applied without having to use water. The cleanser includes a combination of powerful oils such as coconut, olive fruit, and macadamia nut to nourish the facial hair and skin. The cleanser leaves the beard clean and free of daily residue while softening, deodorising, and conditioning the beard.

Beard Oil

How much is too much? Facial hair thrives on the goodness of quality oils and both your beard and skin will will soak up liberal amounts. Applying once in the morning and once at night should soften and shine the hair while reducing any dryness, itchiness or flaking of the skin. Be careful not to overdo it and always use high quality oils. This will prevent the clogging of pores, follicles or the development of further complications like folliculitis. Featuring an earthy scent of patchouli and leather, try Uppercut Deluxe Beard Oil.

Beard Balm

Beard Balms have a higher viscosity than oils. Being thicker, they tend to take longer to absorb and provide longer-lasting moisture while also coating the hair to help make your beard appear fuller and thicker. While not possessing the same holding power as a beard wax, beard balm does provide a decent hold for styling. Try 18.21 Man Made Beard Balm.

The Hardware

Lastly for today, we take a look at the essential tools for the ‘bearded tradie’. A bristle brush is ideal for removing daily grime and keeping your beard clean. Regular brushing will also help to train your beard follicles to grow in a desired direction. A pair of beard scissors will enable you to trim and shape your facial hair with ease, keeping your look refined and gentlemanly at all times. Come in and talk to the staff to see what will work best for your beard and budget.