Barbershop Blog


April 7, 2021

Not everyones expectations are on the same level when entering the barbershop. Some blokes are easily satisfied and are content with a quick buzz cut, others endeavour to find the best barber service that money can buy. To find the best barber in Perth, ask Google for the “best barber near me” and then look no further in the results than Barber Industries.

Hot towel with the best barbers in PerthPerth's Master BarbersHaircuts with Perth's best barbersWho are the best barbers in Perth?

With the goal of bringing back a traditional barbershop vibe, Barber Industries has created a concept that blends hair & beard treatments into a masculine haven for the modern man. Our Cannington barbershop is located in Westfield Carousel and is quickly being recognised as one of the best barbershops in Perth. 

The unique store fit out is in line with our brand aesthetic which blends the tradition and nostalgia of the old-world barber shop with the modern comforts and aesthetics of today’s world. We take absolute pride in every aspect of our brand and in making sure that every client that visits us is treated to the Barber Industries Concept Store Experience. 

We don’t mess around with bookings, we operate with the old school groove of walk ins only, just like when your daddy was young and his daddy before him. We’re not into the gimmicks that you will find at some of the other barbershops around Perth either. If you want to enjoy a cold beer, go to the pub and knock one off the wood, if you want a damn good haircut, come see us.

We deliver on a promise of the best barbershop experience in Perth. We have an amazing team of highly skilled master barbers and they all work together to raise the bar collectively. If you’re the type of bloke who doesn’t settle for second best, come and see us, we are ready for you seven days a week in Westfield Carousel.