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November 24, 2022

In today’s article we take a look at the widow’s peak, we break down what exactly this is and how to tell if you yourself have a widows peak. We then outline the type of men’s hairstyles that compliment this feature and the best in modern hairstyles for these men.

Man With Widows Peak

What is a widows peak and how do I know if I have one?

The widow’s peak is not the same as a receding hairline although the two can easily be confused. A widow’s peak is the downward V-shape that you often see on the forehead in a person’s hairline.

Pull your hair back off of your forehead to see your own hairline and see if you have a widow’s peak.

In a time gone by, it was said that a woman with this shape in her hairline would live longer than her husband. The belief stemmed from the fact that the v-shaped hairline resembles the peaked hood of a widows mourning veil, these were worn circa 1700 or there abouts in parts of Europe.

What type of hairstyles compliment a man with a widows peak.

Unlike men with a full receding hairline who benefit from short hairstyles, men with a widow’s peak will benefit from longer ‘mid-length’ hairstyles. The type of hairstyles that really compliment a widows peak are things like slick backs, undercuts, quiffs and the old pompadour. These mid length haircuts don’t actually hide a widow peak however they create aesthetically pleasing and complimentary looks.

What are the best hairstyles for a man with a widows peak?

When researching this article there was one Hollywood star that kept popping up and it was none other than our very own Chis Hemsworth. Turns out he’s got a solid widow’s peak and really knows how to wear his hair styled to compliment this. So taking a leaf out of Chris’s book, the textured quiff is the best of the best for a man with a widows peak who wants a modern and stylish hairstyle with a little Hemsworth undertone.

Ask the barber to keep the length of top while tight and tidy on the sides. Layers and texture on the top work well with tapered sides for a well rounded look that can be worn in many different ways.