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July 28, 2022

The trends in men’s hairstyles come and go over time and while history doesn’t repeat itself, it surely does rhyme. One hairstyle making a solid resurgence in the men’s hair space is the textured crop top. Matched with a blunt cut fringe and a taper or skin fade, this is one hairstyle that is hitting vogue and looks damn nice on a wide range of blokes too.

Textured Hairstyle For Men

What is the textured crop hairstyle for men?

The textured crop has roots in Europe and dates back as far as the Roman Caesars, hence you’ll sometimes hear the term ‘Caesar Cut’. This is a textured crop with a short fringe. A ‘French Crop’ on the other hand is a textured crop with a long fringe. At the core the hairstyle is a short textured haircut that is often paired with a fade or tapered sides. It is kind of hard to believe that a two thousand year old hairstyle is trending, but that is exactly where we find ourselves in the twenty twenties.

What to ask your barber for when choosing this hairstyle?

To get a textured crop hairstyle you need to ask your barber for exactly that ‘a textured crop’, don’t get lost in all the various other names that the hairstyle has. It may help to explain to the barber how you want to wear the style and how you’d like the fringe, back and sides cut. A photo always takes the guess work out of it, so if you find an image of the textured crop you’d like, bring it along to the barbershop and ask the barber if the style is achievable with your hair.
Textured Crop Hairstyle For Men

How to match your textured crop with a taper or fade?

The textured crop is a short hairstyle where the back and sides are generally shorter than the top. There are a few options to choose from when it comes to the hair on the back and sides, a nice taper is popular but a skin fade is where the fashion forward folk are at. Opting for a mid skin fade and a blunt cut fringe will have you choosing a match up that works well with this style and for many different types of hair.
Textured Crop With Blunt Fringe

A Final Tip From The Barber

Men with a receding hairline can really benefit from a textured crop hairstyle. With a fringe worn forward and tailored to the individual’s hairline, the style does a great job of concealing the visible signs of hair loss. This is a fantastic way to maintain a fashion forward hairstyle and combat the effects of hair loss.