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October 21, 2020

It might be feeling like a fair challenge to stay grounded in the midst of all the chaos that is the year twenty-twenty. But hey, take a moment, we’re almost through if we can keep on track. Today we take a look at some time management tips and how improved organisation can help us to stay grounded and lead healthier happier lives.

Location shot of Wollongong with both Lighthouses.
What is it to be grounded?

To be grounded is to be in control, not in control of external circumstances but to be in control of one’s self. Managing our own thoughts, emotions and actions. This is a mindset where you have the ability to stay calm in the face of uncertainty and to be controlled by your purpose and vision rather than the chaos of daily life.

How to improve time management?

If you don’t already, try to use a calendar to assign time to the activities that are most important in your schedule, block out these periods. Try to implement a strategy that prevents distractions during tasks. For example, don’t let phone calls, emails or social media interfere with your workflows. Take a break!, the human brain is such that is needs timeout from a heavy workload. Taking timely rests will prevent burnout, lead to better efficiency and create a healthier work life balance.

So how does better time management keep us grounded?

By better managing our time we can allocate more of it (time), for the things that truly matter to us.  The ability to enjoy leisure, hobbies, friends and family will lead to an all round healthier lifestyle for ourselves and those close to us. On top of this we can take a moment to check in with ourselves. This can be a chance for reflection on the events that have been taking place in our lives and also an opportunity to look at where we are and where we are heading.

Final Word

Here in Wollongong we have beautiful beaches, Lake Illawarra, the mountains, trails and so much more that we can connect with. We just need to make ourselves the time to do it. At the end of the day, being grounded is a head space, how we get into that space and stay there is a result of how we manage ourselves within our environment. Through good time management we can ensure that we don’t skip on the things that keep us healthy, in a good place and ultimately well grounded.