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July 3, 2020

A man’s hair is one of his major status symbols, which is why constant styling and copious amounts of time are spent on cultivating the perfect look. A clean cut exudes confidence and creates a professional facade for setting a good first impression. One of the most popular styles emerging in this age is the ‘Hard Part’. This is also known as a razor part and is a clean line shaved down to the scalp with a trimmer or razor. The hard part is traditionally worn on the side and can be incorporated into a wide variety of hairstyles. A short cut with a hard part comes off as very neat and professional and suits most occasions, whether casual or formal.
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Merely parting your hair at a random point isn’t enough to properly pull off the Hard Parts suave looks and will make the styling process difficult down the track. Picking which side to partition will affect your overall look, so some careful thought is necessary.

Finding your natural partition is easy. After all, your hair will naturally fall to this side when you attempt to partition it. The first method of finding your natural partition only requires a comb, some water, and a little patience.

Start by wetting your hair thoroughly, without soaking it up too much. Once you’ve done this, simply comb your hair from the crown all the way forward towards your face. Give it a few seconds to settle, allowing it to fall to where the hair naturally prefers. If it separates more on your left, for example, then you should partition your hair on the left side. It’s also entirely possible that you have a middle part, and in this case, you have the freedom to partition on either side.

The scientific method of determining your natural partition is to look into the direction your hair grows around your cowlick - otherwise known as the hair spiral or hair whorl. The direction the growth “points” toward, whether clockwise or counterclockwise, can easily show you where to partition your hair. Clockwise hair whorls should be parted from the left side, whereas counter-clockwise will mean the opposite on the right side.

The hard part is quite a versatile element and can be incorporated into a wide variety of modern styles, but not all styles. Once you have chosen a hairstyle and settled on the location of the partition, it is time to talk to your barber. Ask about your decisions and whether or not your choices are achievable with your hair type and in your chosen style.

Apart from being a more modern take on the traditional side part, the big advantage of the hard part over a natural partition is in the ease of styling. With the Hard Part there is no mistaking the partition and no need to spend time struggling to divide an even part each day. Simply dry your hair using a blow dryer while combing your hair and then cement the look with a quality clay, wax or pomade.

The most important factor when it comes to pulling off a new hairstyle is your own personal sense of style, no matter how sharp or clean it looks, you need to be comfortable in it and the only way to find that out is to give it a go.