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April 29, 2021

When it comes to men’s grooming and personal presentation, we all set out to put our trust in the best barbers in town. Finding the best barber in Wollongong is as easy as asking Google for the “best barber near me”. Rightly at the top of the results list is Barber Industries, managed by proprietor and Master Barber Hossien Beshnam.

Beard Sculpting with the Best Barber in WollongongBeard Line Up with the Best Barber in WollongongThe Best Barber in Wollongong

Traditional Barbershop Culture

What separates you from the other barbershops here in Wollongong?

We deliver on the experience and our barbers are the best, it’s as simple as that. We provide a service and we do that in the finest possible way. I believe that the aesthetic of the barbershop compliments the old school walk in style that we run. We don’t mess around with bookings and we’re not into gimmicks like you will find at some other barbers. If you want a cold beer, go to the pub, if you want a good haircut, we’re ready for you. I suppose we are very traditional by structure however very modern by skillset and in the delivery of the service. 

Conveniently Located In Wollongong Central

The location of your barbershop is notably convenient, is this important to your clients?

We wan’t to be accessible and being here in Wollongong Central places us right amongst the hustle and bustle of the city centre. Mums often drop the kids in and while the boys are getting their haircuts they go and tick a few things off the to do list. The dads are always ducking in for a trim as they pass by and the young guns are seemingly always cruising around the mall, they're in every two weeks for a fade. Yes, we have a premium location but we don’t let that carry over onto the price list, we keep it fair, we deliver a premium service for all ages and make sure that it is accessible for everyone.

The Good Vibes

Six barbers with their nose to the grindstone, is a busy barbershop a good barbershop?

The atmosphere is important, there should be nothing exclusive about the barbershop, the door is open and everyone is welcome. If you start doing bookings and time slots you loose some of the authenticity and can loose the atmosphere that makes the place so special. Sometimes we get damn busy but it always feels like the busier the shop gets the better the vibe is. There’s an anticipation with those waiting, excitement when the barber calls for “who’s next,” the enjoyment of the service and then the absolute stoke when the haircut is complete.

The crew here make it special, I have a great roster and I am very grateful for that, everyone is humble and there is no ego. Everyone helps each other out and contributes to the team, I think that is felt by the customers, it’s a good vibe, it really is.