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December 22, 2020

Australia is an insanely diverse nation with a wonderful mix of different cultures and communities. There is also a shared spirit and an attitude that brings everyone together. There is something truly unique and special about this unity and and it’s what’s at the core of the Australian way of life. It is known Downunder as ‘The Spirit Of Australia’.

Aerial photo of Bondi Beach, NSW, Australia
She’ll Be Right Mate

All over the world, Aussies are known as an easy going, friendly and sometimes larrikin bunch. This is no doubt a result of our chilled out and laid back approach to pretty much everything we do. Living in the lucky country is all about putting unnecessary stresses aside and appreciating the good things that are right in front of us. It’s an addictive mindset that newcomers are quick to adopt. It’s no worries and she’ll be right mate, the attitude that guides the Australian way of life.

Getting Wet

According to population experts ‘.id consulting’, 85% of the Australian population live within 50km of the coastline. Aussies love getting wet and will make any excuse to get their feet in the sand. We have a thriving beach culture that is built around swimming, surfing, fishing and soaking up the sunshine. This culture influences everything from music, fashion and hairstyles down to seemingly every facet of daily life. Even when we’re not in the waves you’ll still find salt on our skin and in our hair.


There is only one thing that is more at the fabric of Australia than the things we’ve already mentioned and that is mateship. This is the very beating heart of the Australian spirit. This emphasis on mateship was forged by brave men standing together to fight for all the good things that we celebrate today. By upholding the practice that anyone can be a mate, and a stranger is just a mate we haven’t met yet, we uphold their legacy and maintain the spirit of Australia.

Pretty Easy Aye?

So understanding life Downunder is pretty easy in the end, ya gotta chill out, take it easy, treat everyone with respect and as your friend or neighbour. Don’t forget to take the piss often, have a laugh and chuck a sicky so that you can go to the beach as much as you can possibly get away with. Style your hair with the remaining sea-salt and at all times keep the good vibes and good times rolling.