Barbershop Blog


February 5, 2020

The Barbershop has experienced a kind of revolution over the last decade or so, broadly there has been somewhat of a renaissance but also instances where shops are transformed to include every kind of gimmick. Much of the positive development however stems from the changing demands of the modern man. For him a perfectly groomed appearance is essential for success across the expanse that is today’s playing field.
The Modern ManThe Modern ManThe Modern ManThe Modern ManThe Modern Man

The game is in constant change and today’s men face off against a different array of challenges when compared to the world gone bye. We live in a digital age and the men of today have not only a physical appearance to upkeep but are also bound to a demanding digital identity. The emergence of social media and networking platforms have created an environment where personal presentation is something that is curated and delivered online.

The way we present ourselves to society is changing and so too are the constructs of society itself.

When it comes to personal grooming there has been somewhat of a levelling in the behaviour between men and woman. Once upon a time it was only woman who could actually access the tools needed for such upkeep, there was very few products even available to men. That has now changed, the development of new grooming products is a constant and there is now something for every application that you can possibly imagine. The men of today have the right tools at their disposal and also the drive to use them.

On the service front, the average man expects a lot more than he’d find at the local Just Cuts. Along with that expectation in the clientele comes the requirement for an advanced skill set in the barbershop’s staff. The team on deck need to deliver more than just a hair cut and that is where our crew step up and show their true colors. What we offer is a modern day delivery of age old customs and techniques, the perfect blend of the old and the new, an adaption that suits the needs of the Modern Man down to a tee.

It is a tough new world and it really is a jungle out there, men are looking for ways to stand out from the riff raff and for ways to make an impact in this crazy new digital age. They are investing more of their time and efforts in their appearance and seek the gratification and confidence that comes when they put themselves out there well groomed and looking their best.