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August 18, 2019

Even if mum and dad aren’t real keen on it, shaved designs are all the rage with the kids at the moment. While most parents would predominantly like to see a hairstyle that is fairly traditional and disciplined on their young ones, it seems to be the powers of the super hero that is getting the kids jumping into the barber chair more easily than ever.
Hair Art HairstylesHair Art HairstylesHair Art HairstylesHair Art HairstylesHair Art Hairstyles

Even more so than adults, it is the kids that are looking for individualism with their hair styles. This is pushing a resurgence in the shaved hair art scene, something that parents seem to be becoming more accepting of, even if they don’t fully approve of the wild child look.

So what are the type of styles that they are going for? Superheroes that’s what! The kids all have their favourite superhero and this is something that they often request. The Shazam symbol has been popular since the recent movie release, batman has always been a staple and spiderman’s spiderweb is always at the top of the list.

With the less venturous kiddies and some of the older children, we start to see more patterns and subtle accents. They are wanting a one of a kind design, with double hard parts, dashes, lines, waves, swirls and stars to make up their own special look.

Some of the kids have a photo to bring in and they know exactly what they want. Others are happy to let the barber be the artist and with a little guidance they trust them to go about creating that bespoke design that will make them the envy of their piers at school the next day.

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