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September 4, 2020

The art of the cut-throat shave seems to be getting lost amongst a wave of modern technology and peoples lack of time for things done properly. As we race around trying to keep up with the frantic pace of the times, we seldom see things done the hard way when there is a quick fix on offer. When it comes to shaving, nothing compares to the timeless, traditional methods used by our master barbers.

Applying Shaving Soap With Shaving BrushTraditional Wet ShaveSydney's Best Barber Talk About Traditional Shaving Techniques

We are well aware of the time it takes to complete a close shave at home and understand the rise of the electric and disposal razors as well as instant foams and creams. They are great to help you save time in your day to day routine, but hastily scrubbing and dragging a dull blade across your face is a far cry from the true rituals of men’s grooming in its rightful place.

Why The Art Of The Razor Needs To Be Kept Alive

By our calculations, on average, a man may be spending around 3,000 hours in his life shaving. When looking at a number like 3,000 hours, wouldn’t you prefer to spend some of that time kicking back, relaxing with the glide of the razor in the hands of a professional? The art of a traditional wet shave needs to be kept alive because of its therapeutic qualities, this trip to the barbershop is one of our last standing rights and rituals as men. It is a time for self care, a meditative experience and something to savour.

What Is A Traditional Wet Shave?

The secret to a traditional wet shave is time and process. Heat and moisture should be applied to soften the whiskers and raise the follicles, a hot towel is ideal. A quality shaving soap and brush is imperative for a good lather and to further prepare the face and beard for shaving. A cut-throat, also known as a straight razor, is then used to deliver the ultra close shave. After shave and moisturiser are applied to round out the ritual.

This certainly requires more effort than using an electric shaver and also takes a skilled and steady hand. The resulting finish is like nothing else!

Experience The Craft For Yourself

Our master barbers swear by these age old methods of the craft and they deliver traditional wet shaves that will have you feeling fresh and invigorated. They have spent years honing their skills so you don’t have to.

If you are yet to enjoy the service for yourself, we encourage you to take time out and treat yourself. Every man deserves some time for himself.

You will leave with your closest ever shave and a savoured experience that will keep you coming back again for more.