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April 28, 2021

When visiting the barbershop it is important to show common courtesy and manners. Furthermore, an understanding of correct barbershop etiquette will ensure the best experience for both you and your barber. This understanding leads to mutual respect and positive client/ barber relationships.

Talking barbershop etiquette with Sydney's best barbers
No Jumping The Queue

Nobody wants the hassle of having to prebook a haircut days in advance, plus we all love the freedom of an impromptu visit to the barbershop when we are feeling good and ready. This is the classic old school stye of operation and it relies on a little honesty and integrity. You rock up, you can see who’s in the queue, no queue jumping is the rule and everything runs silky smooth.

Arrive With Clean Hair

If you want to kick things off on the right track, roll up with freshly washed or clean hair that is free of styling products. This way your hair is ready to cut without washing and the residues of styling products won’t disturb the usual process that your barber follows.

Watch Your Tongue

While appropriate conversation is welcomed, it is important to respect your barbers trade and the years of training that it takes to become a professional. One sure way to irritate your barber is to attempt to tell them how to do their job. Let them worry about their technique and do what they are good at while you kick back, relax and enjoy the experience.

Trust In Your Barber

Everybody’s hair is different and some hairstyles simply won’t work well for a particular individual. Knowing what hairstyle you want before you sit in the chair is great, but accepting your barbers wisdom if he recommends something different is wise. Persisting on a haircut that is not achievable in your hair type or with your features is a sure ticket to nowhere fast.

No Sudden Movements

It goes without saying that one must sit still while in the barbers chair. Follow the barbers lead if they move your head or ask you to reposition. If they ask a question be sure to answer with your voice instead of shaking your head about.

Stay Off Your Phone

Keep your hands under the cape and off your mobile phone, nothing will destroy the good vibes quicker than someone who thinks their phone call is more important than their haircut. 

Great Haircuts Take Time

A premium haircut takes time to perfect and is a process that should never be rushed. It is a terrible idea to ask your barber to try and finish within a certain time frame because you have somewhere more important to be. 

Give Honest Feedback

When your barber asks you if you are happy with the service, it is your time to speak up if anything is out of place. The barber will want to know so that they can correct any and all of your concerns while you are still at the barbershop. Nothing worse than a client who claims to be happy but then goes away to leave an alternative review. For those who are genuinely impressed with their barber, a Google review is always appreciated.