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July 22, 2020

Our prediction for men’s hair trends in 2020 is a selection of long-standing classics together with a few contemporary tweaks. If you’re tired of wearing the same style that you've been sporting for years and you are thinking about spicing things up a little, then read on to discover some of the ways that you can invigorate your look in twenty twenty.

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Tweaking the classics

A noticeable occurrence in popular styling trends is that you can often see elements from both the old and the new. At first, you may think that you're looking at a traditional look, but upon closer inspection, you'll discover more contemporary tweaks in the details. There are classic men's hairstyles that are truely timeless, and many can be seen in 2020 but with a modern twist. In place of using the tried and tested greasy pomp we are seeing a matte version with accents of loose hair strands that make for a not-so-clean look and more of a rugged finish. For a further modernised take on the classic look, go with the popular reinvention of wearing it with a high fade.

Optimising your hair's texture

The fashion of textured styling became a popular trend some time ago but this has even more popularity today. Along with the development of texturising powers comes more possibilities and further ease in styling techniques. Texture is more than distinguishing between natural or messy and is one of those things where you can never seem to have enough. Reinvent your style by using a matt paste or powder to achieve a tousled finish.

Diversifying your neckline

The emergence of the V-shaped neckline is a response to the seamless blurry fades that show a more natural progression from hair to skin. Twenty-twenty is not the time to stay unnoticed by blending in and necklines can really pop and stand out by breaking a few norms. Explore asymmetry or an accent at the neckline for something truely unique.

The power of the crop

The French crop or the crop top can be worn in different ways, which is why it's still a popular hairstyle in 2020. It's an excellent option for most hair types and can work well in thick and wavy hair which makes it a versatile styling option to this day. You can bring a real contemporary feel through varying levels of fade or through the addition of shaved lines which is a popular move amongst the youth of today.

Utilising the bro flow

Long hair can be quite challenging to manage, especially for men who aren't used to wearing the look. However, opting to grow out your locks offers a hairstyle that's perfect for both casual occasions and professional settings. The bro flow gives you a mix of a rugged and sophisticated appearance, which allows you to look fresh and formal when needed but also gives you the ability to literally ‘let your hair down’ when needed.

Embracing some of the shifting trends in men’s hairstyles can be your chance to discover new opportunities in enhancing your looks.

Changing anything from commitment-heavy tasks, such as your fitness habits to tweaking your hairstyle, will give you a brand new outlook in facing whatever 2020 chucks up next. Come in and see our team of master barbers for more info and for your next cut, we’re open seven days a week on Level 2 in Roselands.